The benefits of systematically prioritising infrastructure projects

In our last post, KPMG’s approach to infrastructure prioritisation for Big Cities, we documented our approach to the prioritization process, and advised on how KPMG assists Big Cities in prioritization, planning or sequencing of the projects. In Big Cities Infrastructure Prioritisation we looked at the necessity of accurate and though-out prioritization to ensure sustainability and long-term benefit. Here, we take a look at the benefits of prioritization of infrastructure projects, and introduce you to our Big Cities team.

The benefits:

  • Global Cities expertise and experience with local understanding
  • Efficient results that is economical on scarce resources
  • Effective process for incorporating complex, changing and context-specific development inputs
  • Transparent process, auditable, with a clear rationale
  • Allows evaluation of the impact of competing mandates and goals
  • Customisable to suit changing circumstances and needs
  • Record of (selection and rejection) rational for the selection of infrastructure projects
  • Baseline record and process for reviews and reassessment

Big Cities Team/Who we are

The Big Cities Team brings together KPMG’s global knowledge and expertise that have been acquired by assisting with the development and management of cities globally. The focus of the Big Cities Team is to bring Thought Leadership, Best Practice and our Global Cities Experience to Big Cities and City Advisory.

The Big Cities Team is responsible for developing innovative tools and approaches to address the pressing issues confronting Cities today and in the future. The Team develops and shares expertise and knowledge to deliver practical solutions suited to your issues and context.

The Big Cities team includes thought leaders and experts in their fields.

The Big Cities Team has advised a range of Cities around the world. Our experience includes Developed and Developing World contexts, various stages of growth, scale and complexity.  The Big Cities Team has the expertise, knowledge and experience you require.


David O’Brien

Global Head, Cities Centre of Excellence

(8140)   +1 416 777 8566

Anri Bernot

Senior Manager, Global Infrastructure

+27 82 718 4154

DeBuys Scott

Director, Global Infrastructure

+27 82 551 3345

Darren Reardon

Senior Manager, Global infrastructure

+27 82 719 2835

Andile Nkosana

Associate Director, Government Advisory Services

+27 82 719 2766

David O’Brien and DeBuys Scott will be speaking at the Mega Cities Africa Conference & Expo.

About the Expo:

There are a number of challenges presented by urban living and by urbanization. Infrastructure and public works are considered the most significant of the challenges. There are concerns around issues such as clean water access, sanitation, reliable electricity, sufficient public transport and healthcare.

Each megacity presents a unique case, with its own challenges and local context requiring consideration. The focus of this conference and expo is on challenges, insights and opportunities.

David Okwara

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