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The Power of Collaboration- 5 steps for closing the “expectation gap” around Africa’s resources

The Power of Collaboration – 5 steps for closing the “expectation gap” around Africa’s resources

Resource-based industries are not entirely about resources. They are, very largely, about people, and how effectively people from all sectors work together. In this article I will outline why collaboration is vital to growing our African resource industries.

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ClinicCommunicator to be taken beyond Uganda’s borders

Lunch with our Leader: Is low cost, high quality healthcare in Africa possible?

Last week Sven Byl, Head of Healthcare for Africa and South Africa at KPMG, hosted a Lunch with our Leaders session to talk about how to drive low cost, high quality healthcare in Africa…

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Mozambique (122)

Mozambique: Challenges and Opportunities

Following on from our previous post, Country Focus Seminar: Mozambique, we take a look at some of the challenges and opportunities cited by Miguel Alvim, Advisory Managing Partner at KPMG Mozambique.

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Attracting Private Equity and Venture Capital: Growth, Performance & Succession Policy

Growth, whether organic or inorganic (expansion by mergers and acquisitions), is often the most important driver of value. The main challenge management face in achieving ambitious targets is to assess the most optimal funding structure suitable for their company. There are several funding options available in our markets, these can be primarily categorized into debt and equity.

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Excellence in claims management

The South Africa short-term insurance industry is characterised by unrealised opportunities to reduce claims and operational costs and also improve customer service by enhancing core claims processes and technology.
Controlling claims costs, indemnity and operational risks is a key challenge for competitiveness and profitability. This challenge is compounded by efforts to satisfy the needs of key stakeholders such as customers, regulators, competitors and shareholders.

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KPMG’s approach to infrastructure prioritisation for Big Cities

The process involves working closely with the City and stakeholders to identify key goals, mandates and agendas that prioritisation needs to support. In addition to this we unpack with the City what sustainability would mean in their context over a 30 year time horizon. We will then establish a context to the prioritisation, measuring and evaluating a City’s base case and performing a needs analysis. During this time we will be collecting relevant policy statements, performance data and data on various measures of sustainability.

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