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Using Nigeria’s oil to diversify the national economy

Ghana’s Oil Prospects

Africa is home to some the world’s fastest growing economies, many of them buoyed by new oil and gas finds. Ghana is one of these economies. The country discovered its first large-scale, commercially viable 
oil field in June 2007. The Kosmos Energy team discovered the Jubilee oil field following the drilling of the Mahogany-1 exploration well in Ghana’s deep waters. A string of discoveries in the Jubilee offshore oil field from 2007 onwards has resulted in Ghana’s confidence in a reserve of around 1.5 billion barrels, with a potential upside of 2 billion barrels from adjacent sites.

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Africa Focus: Mozambique discovers its way to being Africa’s power house

Increased R&D spend in the ENR sector will help drive SA’s economy

While the world may have seen tougher economic times, it can be said that the South African economy was not previously as connected and global in impact as now. The South African economy is primarily resource-driven and there is a marked impact when the energy and natural resources (ENR) sector does not perform well.

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The promise and obstacles facing private equity investment in Africa

Private equity investment might provide some exciting opportunities for your business, but it also comes with a number of challenges. Private equity is capital that is put into a new or growing business in return for part ownership of the business and a share of its profits. Private equity investors don’t typically want to be permanently involved in a business – they will step in for a few years and then exit by selling back their shares to the business, along with a return investment.

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Attracting Private Equity and Venture Capital: Growth, Performance & Succession Policy

Growth, whether organic or inorganic (expansion by mergers and acquisitions), is often the most important driver of value. The main challenge management face in achieving ambitious targets is to assess the most optimal funding structure suitable for their company. There are several funding options available in our markets, these can be primarily categorized into debt and equity.

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Excellence in claims management

The South Africa short-term insurance industry is characterised by unrealised opportunities to reduce claims and operational costs and also improve customer service by enhancing core claims processes and technology.
Controlling claims costs, indemnity and operational risks is a key challenge for competitiveness and profitability. This challenge is compounded by efforts to satisfy the needs of key stakeholders such as customers, regulators, competitors and shareholders.

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