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The dividends of empowering Africa’s female workforce

According to an International Labour Organisation (ILO) report sub-Saharan Africa has the world’s highest proportion (40%) of women who are just contributing family workers and are only supportive of the primary income earner. Only 15% of sub-Saharan African women are salaried (in developed countries it’s around 90%), and for most a job is not about building a career but about survival. In spite of the fact that women play such a key role in the home, and economy, they are not properly recognised and rewarded for their contribution.

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Building a strong foundation for Africa – business continuity management & infrastructure resilience

Nowhere is infrastructure resilience more important than in Africa. As the continent once considered ‘dark’ emerges into a brilliant new era of growth and stability, much of her success will depend on the quality and resilience of infrastructure.

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Prioritising Africa’s megacities

Whilst Africa is often perceived as a mysterious, underdeveloped continent, it’s quickly becoming one of the most valuable emerging markets for infrastructure. In fact, infrastructure development – in the form of megacities – is one of the key strategic priorities for senior African leaders. What’s driving infrastructure development in Africa?

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