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Chip and PIN technology more secure, but not completely invulnerable

The hidden fortunes of data and analytics

As technology becomes more and more pervasive, we are seeing an increased integration of mobile devices, sensors, applications and other data feeds into everyday life. With this comes an upsurge in the amount of data being collected and stored. Today’s C-level executives are facing unprecedented business demands. These range from operating in more countries, dealing with new regulations and increasing government oversight, to complex tax policies, cost reduction, increasing risks and customer centricity. This complexity is further compounded by complex systems and data management.

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Ethical Business in Africa: Qualifications and Recommendations

On the question whether ethical business in Africa is possible, and where, two qualifications are needed. The first qualification is this: asking the question should not imply that Africa is uniquely inclined towards bribery and corruption. Bribery and corruption are problems in Africa, they are not African problems.

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Big Cities Infrastructure Prioritisation

Cities are burdened with aging and failing infrastructure in some areas on the one hand, as well as huge development and service delivery needs in previously disadvantaged areas on the other. In many cities across Africa, government institutions that are charged with the responsibility of delivering and maintaining infrastructure have become stretched by skills shortages and increased maintenance responsibilities.

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Investing in Mauritius

The wind of change has hit the African continent and economic recovery is on its way. Many institutional investors have woken up to the African call to realise the potential of this continent.

Kofi Annan, former Secretary General of the United Nations, pointed out that although the Africa-wide growth rate of 5.5% was impressive, more had to be done as the poor quality of leadership in Africa risks hampering the continent’s rapid economic growth. Following the World Economic Forum Africa Regional Summit which took place in South Africa in May 2011, world leaders went back to their respective countries with a new frame of mind.

Investing in Mauritius offers a safe and business-friendly location for the investor community and, with its cosmopolitan and bilingual heritage, it is the ideal stepping-stone for investment …

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Sustainability Megaforces and the Insurance Industry

Many international and local companies have introduced products responding to changing consumer needs and consumer preferences shifting to more sustainable behaviour – these include products targeting new and growing industry sectors, products with a ‘green’ element and products responding to new and increasing risks.

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