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5 steps for closing the “expectation gap” around Africa’s resources

5 steps for closing the “expectation gap” around Africa’s resources

Resource-based industries are not entirely about resources. They are, in large part, about people, and how effectively people from all sectors work together. In this article I will outline why collaboration is vital to growing our African resource industries. Firstly, we must face the fact that African countries are now competing for a smaller pool of global investment capital, amid investors’ suspicions that Africa has not delivered. The “hidden costs” of doing business in Africa – costs related to weak infrastructure, corruption and political instability – have taken their toll on returns to shareholders.

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US-Africa Leaders Summit promises good things

Africa governance through the Open Government Partnership (OPG)

  In June this year, Kenya hosted the first Open Government Partnership (OGP) forum in […]

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#LWOL: A discussion with Yunus Suleman on the impact of Africa’s Education system on our society and corporate environment

Africa Brief: Ghana plans oceanic terminal for imported LNG, Prosecutors Face big test as Ruto appears before ICC and more

In this Africa Brief: Ghana plans to build a floating liquefied natural gas (LNG) terminal off its Atlantic Ocean coast to receive imported gas that would be used to produce up to 1.500MW of electricity by 2016, a senior energy official said in Nairobi yesterday. Kenya’s deputy president appeared before the International Criminal Court (ICC) yesterday charged with co-orchestrating a post-election bloodbath five years ago, a case that will test the sta­bility of a country seen as vital to security in East Africa. Grindrod is already consid­ering a third phase expansion of its car terminal at Maputo port in Mozambique, which is a growing competitor to Trans-net’s car facility in Durban… and more.

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Private Public Partnerships (PPPs) – critical to harnessing private investment

The infrastructure deficit is often noted as having a massive impact on the continent’s development and growth, with infrastructure highlighted as a key area requiring investment. The 23rd World Economic Forum has a central theme of Delivering on Africa’s Promise, and has infrastructure as a dominant and recurring topic for discussion.

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KPMG Barometer reports continuous decrease of fraud risk

According to the Fraud Risk Barometer, the occurrence of reported fraud has decreased from 503 in the first half of 2012 to 348 cases in the second half of 2012. It is the third consecutive period where a decrease in reported fraud and corruption …

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Job Creation in BRICS and Africa

By virtue of their combined size, BRICS nations represent 45 percent of the world’s workforce. But of this workforce a large number are unemployed or unemployable. For BRICS countries, as for Africa, the challenge is how to find ways to develop the skills of the workforce so that is more efficient and productive, to educate and train the unemployed so that they become employable, and – most importantly – to create meaningful jobs for them to fill.

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Healthcare systems in Africa

This is a summary of the African countries which, in our opinion, are notable for some aspect of their healthcare systems, whether it be rapid uptake of health insurance, high levels of total expenditure or innovative governance in the public sector…

Botswana: A relatively wealthy country, Botswana is one of the four countries in Africa which complied with the Abuja commitment in 2010 by spending more than 15% of its budget on health. Botswana is also notable for the health profile of its private healthcare spending: only 30% of private health expenditure was out-of-pocket, which is good news for health outcomes although the high HIV prevalence rate still holds life expectancy down.

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