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Africa’s One Billion+ Population will Mobilise Transformation of Telecoms Sector

And we expect that digital solutions will begin to have a notable impact on mobile […]

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Can cloud computing take off in Africa?

When it comes to information technology in Africa, analysts will tell you, this continent has […]

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Venture Capital and Private Equity Industry Performance Survey of South Africa covering the 2014 calendar year

Nigerian retail banking an increasingly competitive space

The gap between the highest and lowest ranked banks in Nigeria’s retail segment has never been closer. This is an indication that the country’s banks are operating in a very competitive space at the moment. The convenience of a bank’s services has become one of the keys to its success.

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What’s new in the world of African mobile banking?

Things move quickly in Africa’s mobile industry, which includes mobile banking. As mobile banking services gain ever greater traction throughout the continent, the sky seems the limit in terms of what can be done and who can be reached.

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Kenya’s Mobile Money Game Changer

Kenya’s Equity Bank is set to roll out its new mobile money services to customers, thanks to its new innovative slim line SIM technology.

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Africa’s top 5 education priorities

Bank fraud on the rise

Fraud by collusion is increasing in the country, threatening businesses most especially in the banking sector, John Ndunyu, the KPMG country director, has said. “While cyber crime is not common in Rwanda, we are seeing increased tendency of fraud by collusion, especially in the banking industry,” Ndunyu said during the launch of firm’s 2013 fraud report in Kigali.

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Lunch with our leaders

Lunch with our Leaders: A discussion with Johan Smith on telecoms innovations

Our guest on 30 January 2014 for Lunch with our Leaders was Johan Smith, Head of the Africa Telecoms Group at KPMG. We invited you to present your questions to him on the topic of innovations in telecoms and an interesting conversation developed. Here are some highlights from the dialogue that unfolded …

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Mobile branchless banking in emerging markets

Branchless banking allows the customer to have access to banking services without being reliant on a brick-and-mortar bank branch. Technological advancements and the adoption of a collaborative approach between banking service providers and technology companies are going to forge a new way of doing banking in emerging markets, where transport, electrical and other infrastructure is often underdeveloped.

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Chinese businesses contribute $3bn to Zambian economy

Ecobank tapping into Zambia’s unbanked population

As part of its expansion plan, Ecobank Zambia is set to open eight new branches across the country next year. It is hoped that the new branches (two in each quarter of the country) will draw in rural communities who have had no previous banking opportunities.

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Mobile technology

Leveraging mobile technology

Perhaps the world’s greatest success story in leveraging mobile technology to overcome these challenges can be found, close to home, in Kenya. According to the Communications Commission of Kenya, by June 2012 Kenya boasted more than 19.5 million subscribers in mobile money subscriptions, more than 66% of the total mobile subscriber base …

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The Future of LTE in Sub-Saharan Africa

Mobile banking series: An overview of why mobile banking remains important for financial inclusion in Africa

Mobile banking in Africa refers to the provision of banking services to customers through mobile devices. Mobile payments, meanwhile, refer to the transfer of funds or any other form of value through mobile devices in return for goods and services…

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Africa Brief: ‘Barcsa’ focus, Grinrod, Maputo, Angola stock exchange and more

Coal / Grindrod and Mozambique’s Maputo Port Development Company (MPDC) plan to invest $1.7bn over the next five years to upgrade ports in the country as demand grows, MPDC said on Friday. Capacity would be tripled at the Maputo and Matola ports to 50-million tons by 2020 from 15-million tons. Investment of $355m this year and next year had been approved to boost capacity at the Matola port terminal. The coal terminal will be handling 7.2-million tons by next year, from 6-million tons.

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