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5 steps for closing the “expectation gap” around Africa’s resources

5 steps for closing the “expectation gap” around Africa’s resources

Resource-based industries are not entirely about resources. They are, in large part, about people, and how effectively people from all sectors work together. In this article I will outline why collaboration is vital to growing our African resource industries. Firstly, we must face the fact that African countries are now competing for a smaller pool of global investment capital, amid investors’ suspicions that Africa has not delivered. The “hidden costs” of doing business in Africa – costs related to weak infrastructure, corruption and political instability – have taken their toll on returns to shareholders.

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How to lower costs in African healthcare and make it more accessible

Celebrating African leadership in healthcare

Africa’s healthcare woes (or challenges) can be solved by Africans. This is the premise behind a new book on leadership in healthcare in Africa…

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#LWOL: A discussion with Yunus Suleman on the impact of Africa’s Education system on our society and corporate environment

KPMG Africa Lunch with our Leader

KPMG Africa is excited to launch ‘KPMG Africa Lunch with our Leaders’; a digital media platform that aims to create meaningful engagements with key decision makers who have an interest in Africa.

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The benefits of systematically prioritising infrastructure projects

In our last post, KPMG’s approach to infrastructure prioritisation for Big Cities, we documented our approach to the prioritization process, and advised on how KPMG assists Big Cities in prioritization, planning or sequencing of the projects. In Big Cities Infrastructure Prioritisation we looked at the necessity of accurate and though-out prioritization to ensure sustainability and long-term benefit. Here, we take a look at the benefits of prioritization of infrastructure projects, and introduce you to our Big Cities team.

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The KPMG Africa Conversation Series – Episode 9 – Panellist Biographies

By 2030 Africa will have 760 million urban residents. By 2050 the figure is expected to grow to 1.2 billion. This rapid migration has intensified the need to develop Africa’s megacities, and infrastructure has become one of the key strategic priorities amongst senior leaders throughout Africa.

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Africa Brief: Nedbank enters Mozambique market, Nigeria-SA relationship and more

Nedbank Group, which announ­ced on Friday it was entering the Mozambican market, remains on target for a solid financial perfor­mance this year. Nedbank, Old Mutual Group’s bank subsidiary, is entering Mozam­bique by acquiring an initial 36.4% stake in Banco Unico for $24.4m. Nedbank plans to take a majority stake later. South African banks are targeting expansion opportunities elsewhere on the continent in line with strategies to tap faster-growing developing countries.

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Zimbabwe land

Africa Brief: Zimbabwe land case and SADC Tribunal

Dispossessed Zimbabwean farmer Mike Campbell was able to take his case to the judiciary in SA because of the Southern African Development Community (SADC) Tribunal decision, pronounced before it was dissolved, which found Zimbabwe to have been in violation of the SADC Treaty. Zimbabwe was in contempt of court for refusing to adhere to that ruling.

“The petitioners, Campbell and Co, sought to have the SADC judgments enforced in a South African court,” says Nicole Fritz, director of the Southern Africa Litigation Centre.

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