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How Do We Tackle Cross-border Trade Barriers in Africa?

Its been said that regional integration is key to facilitating inter & intra-regional trade on […]

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Africa Brief: Tourism in Zimbabwe battles on as arrivals stagnate and more...

Botswana – towards a premium brand country

The Botswana Investment and Trade Centre (BITC), established by act of Parliament, has for several years now been managing Brand Botswana, the national brand strategy that aims to build a unified national identity.

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The Future of LTE in Sub-Saharan Africa

KPMG Africa apps offer you easy access to business updates

KPMG Africa has two great apps on offer that will help keep you in touch with the latest news and insights, giving you a better competitive edge.

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Nigeria-Ghana trade connection to increase

It’s Africa’s turn for investment, but where in Africa is best?

  The eyes of the world are on Africa, with many CEOs believing it to […]

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Africa Brief: Violence in Egypt knocks markets, Ghana’s consumer price inflation, oil thieves in Nigeria and more

Egyptian shares have slumped after police moved to disperse two anti- government sit-ins in Cairo, leaving at least 13 dead. The benchmark EGX 30 index retreated 1.1 percent to 5585.12 at 11.11am in Cairo. The death toll reported by the Health Ministry was disputed by the Muslim Brotherhood, which claims hundreds were killed by security forces…

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Africa is on the road to meaningful economic growth

In May 2013, South Africa played host to the 23rd World Economic Forum on Africa (WEF Africa). The theme of the conference was “Delivering on Africa’s Promise”. The conference saw key players and investors from all over the world convene to discuss a sustainable path of growth and development for the continent. The summit sought to address three key themes, Accelerating Economic Diversification, Boosting Strategic Infrastructure and Unlocking Africa’s Talent.

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Managing portfolio companies most effectively

Africa Brief: Angola stock exchange, Dangote’s planned investment, Egypt’s borrowing costs and more

Angola has delayed plans for the start of stock-exchange trading by a year to 2016, with a futures and commodities market in Africa’s second-biggest oil pro­ducer set to open a year later. Angola expects its stock exchange to have a market value of 10% of gross domestic product within 18 months of its startup, he said. Angola’s largest banks, which include Banco Angolano de Investimentos and Banco de Poupanca e Credito, as well as cellphone companies Unitel and Movicel Telecomunicacoes, are expected to list on the exchange.

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Resource corridors, infrastructure development and private investment

Based on the principles of the Spatial Development Initiative (SDI) conceived by the South African government in 1995, resource corridors in Africa are areas in which opportunities (mainly resource-based anchor projects and associated infrastructure) have been identified that can be realised through investments to achieve sustainable development, particularly development brought in other sectors through access to the resource infrastructure.

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Investing in Africa: Part One

Sub-Saharan Africa is expecting a 5% annual growth rate in 2012-2013, and World Bank data show that almost half of Africa’s countries have reached middle-income status. As this growth trend continues, the continent is a potentially attractive destination for domestic and foreign private capital, including private equity investments, which will further boost growth rates.

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Africa Rising

To many, Africa is a land of mystery and danger; a place where development is needed and investment is scarce; a complex patchwork of countries, cultures and societies. But to a growing number of infrastructure developers and investors, Africa is quickly becoming one of the hottest and most valuable emerging markets for infrastructure in the world.

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Invest Africa: Insurance

Africa’s insurance market remains very small when compared to those in developed countries. The market contributes approximately 2% to GDP and caters to less than 5% of the population. Insurance is a grudge purchase and is heavily influenced by income levels. Short-term insurance currently makes up 90% of the African market and life insurance a meagre 10%.

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Invest Africa: Ghana

A panel of experts explore the challenges & opportunities associated with investing in Ghana.

Ghana is one of Africa’s fastest growing economies. Well-endowed with natural resources, agriculture accounts for approximately a quarter of GDP and employs more than half the country’s work-force.

Gold, cocoa and timber exports are the major sources of foreign exchange. Imports such as capital equipment, petroleum and food products are sourced mainly from China and the US.

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Invest Africa: Tanzania

Home to 43-million people, Tanzania ranks amongst the poorest countries in the world.

The country is reliant on agriculture which accounts for more than 25% of GDP, 85% of exports and employs 80% of the countries workforce.

Tanzania is endowed with vast natural resources and is the only country in the world where Tanzanite is found. The country is also the third-largest producer of gold on the continent which it exports to China, India and Japan.

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Invest Africa: Power

This edition of Invest Africa takes an in-depth look at the challenges and opportunities associated with the state of power across the continent. Rolling black-outs and unreliable energy supply are some the issues facing the sector right now.

Unreliable energy supply is one of the biggest challenges facing the African continent. A well-developed energy sector drives most other economic sectors within a country and is an essential tool in boosting investor confidence. Fast-growing industrialisation and a booming population are driving up the demand for electrification.

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Invest Africa: Rwanda

In this edition of Invest Africa the focus is on the opportunities and challenges that continue to plague the East African country of Rwanda as it tries to rebuild its image with the global economy.

There has been an increased interest in Rwanda as an investment destination – the country is one of Africa’s fastest growing economies. Its GDP growth is mainly due to an improved harvest, rising exports and increased credit extensions. Overall, the country is expected to maintain a very positive growth rate.

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Invest Africa: Kenya

In this edition of Invest Africa, the focus is on the East African country of Kenya. The panel identifies key challenges and opportunities when it comes to investing in the country.

Kenya is regarded a regional hub for trade and finance in East Africa and many large corporations have the Africa headquarters in Nairobi. Continued economic and political transformations are essential in order for Kenya to maintain this status. Kenya boasts advanced markets and high market adoption rates. Technological advances are significant — fast adoption of applications. Increased interaction with customers and stakeholders through social media — revolution on its own, social media cannot be ignored.

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Business in Africa: Fraud and Corruption

Fraud and corruption will always be at the forefront
of the minds of those looking to invest in Africa. In this regard, the recently published KPMG Africa fraud Barometer for 2011 reported some telling statistics about reported fraud on the continent. The Barometer was developed “to form a bigger picture of fraud prevalence on the African continent”, incorporating data from available news articles on Africa and other designated databases. The Barometer compares fraud reports from the six months ended June 2011 to the six months ended December 2011.

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Investing in Kenya

Kenya: Investment opportunities and challenges

This week on Invest Africa, we travel to Kenya, dubbed East Africa’s power house, to explore its growth potential and other pressing challenges the country is facing. Kenya is regarded a regional hub for trade and finance in East Africa, and many large corporations have their Africa headquarters in Nairobi. Continued economic and political transformations are essential in order for Kenya to maintain this status. Kenya boasts advanced markets and high market adoption rates. Technological advances are significant due to the country’s fast adoption of applications.

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World Economic Forum

The World Economic Forum 2012

The 22nd World Economic Forum (WEF) took place in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia themed ‘Shaping Africa’s Transformation’. The Forum hosted over 700 delegates from around the world who discussed and debated some of the issues required to drive Africa’s growth agenda.

With the ongoing financial turmoil in traditional investment markets such as the United States and Europe, investment and expansion into Africa was at the top of the forum’s agenda. The forum highlighted the fact that there are huge opportunities for great investment returns in Africa and there was a specific focus on integrating and expanding Africa’s capital markets.

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CNBC Africa, in partnership with KPMG, launches Invest Africa

CNBC Africa, in partnership with KPMG, launches Invest Africa

KPMG is committed to Africa – and to continuing to work with our clients in realising the many business opportunities that the continent presents. Realisation of the many significant investment opportunities across Africa and what is required to achieve these continues to spread rapidly; as was emphasised again in various discussions at the recent World Economic Forum on Africa in Addis Ababa.

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