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Leveraging of Mobile Networks

Spotlight: Insurers Leverage Africa’s Telecom Networks

Forget Silicon Valley and Tel Aviv; if you are looking for mobile insurance innovation, take […]

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Key findings from the 2014 Africa CFO Survey

Insurance in Africa: Is the Continent really taking charge?

Insurance facilitates investment by reducing the amount of capital that businesses and individuals need to […]

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Key findings from the 2014 Africa CFO Survey

Reassuring (future) penetration in African insurance markets

The insurance market in Africa on the other hand is under-developed as – apart from […]

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How can financial services best support inclusive growth in Africa?

Insurance in Africa: who is buying it?

Insurance in Africa is under-developed, largely because most Africans simply cannot yet afford it.

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High Growth Markets magazine – Unleashing Africa’s potential

Insurance for companies moving into Africa – an essential precaution

Establishing or expanding a business in a new market environment carries with it opportunities and risks which naturally require mitigation measures, including insurance for companies.

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ClinicCommunicator to be taken beyond Uganda’s borders

The holy grail of low-cost, high-quality healthcare

The last decade has seen a massive explosion in the number of people achieving middle class financial status. Over a billion people worldwide – with a combined wealth of US$33 trillion – now occupy this new, influential, fast-growing population group.

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Intellectual Property

Reform in Nigeria’s insurance sector could boost GDP

Nigeria’s National Insurance Commission (NAICOM) has said that the country is much more likely to […]

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Discussion with Jason Kazilimani on investment prospects in Zambia

The Valued Insurer: 5 characteristics of success

  KPMG undertook an analysis of the performance of insurance companies from the FT Global […]

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How will IFRS 10 impact third party cell captive arrangements?

Issued in 2011, IFRS 10 is applicable for annual periods beginning on or after 1 January 2013. The new consolidation standard, IFRS 10 Consolidated Financial Statements (IFRS 10), may impact the accounting of third party cell captive arrangements. We will explore to what extent it will impact the cell insurer.

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Emerging trends in the insurance sector in Nigeria

The Nigerian insurance industry players are structured into four groups: insurers and reinsurers, insurance brokers, agents and loss adjusters. The insurance and reinsurance companies underwrite risks while the insurance brokers and agents act as intermediaries between the underwriters and the policyholders in the sale of insurance products and the collection of premiums. The loss adjusters, on the other hand, determine the appropriate valuation of the loss incurred in the event of a claim.

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Excellence in claims management

The South Africa short-term insurance industry is characterised by unrealised opportunities to reduce claims and operational costs and also improve customer service by enhancing core claims processes and technology.
Controlling claims costs, indemnity and operational risks is a key challenge for competitiveness and profitability. This challenge is compounded by efforts to satisfy the needs of key stakeholders such as customers, regulators, competitors and shareholders.

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Invest Africa: Insurance

Africa’s insurance market remains very small when compared to those in developed countries. The market contributes approximately 2% to GDP and caters to less than 5% of the population. Insurance is a grudge purchase and is heavily influenced by income levels. Short-term insurance currently makes up 90% of the African market and life insurance a meagre 10%.

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Business in Africa: Some challenges on the road to a promising future

The April 2012 World Economic Outlook report published by the International Monetary Fund presented a sturdy but cautiously optimistic future for the various African economies. Sub-Saharan
 Africa particularly recorded a strong 5 percent growth in 2011 and was one of the regions least affected
by the global financial crisis. With the exception of South Africa, limited financial ties to Europe helped shield the region from the financial havoc that tore through Western economies in late 2011.

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Africa: A Continent of Diversity and Opportunity

Many JSE companies are seeing Africa as the new frontier and an important source of long-term growth, especially those companies doing business in mature markets. The International Monetary Fund forecast the region to grow at 5.5% both this year and next. By comparison, South Africa’s economic growth rate is forecast at just 2.7%.

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Sustainability Megaforces: Is the insurance industry prepared?

The insurance industry relies on the ability to make informed predictions of future events as the basis for taking actions in the present. increased severity and/ or frequency of weather events, if not adequately accounted for, will mean that claims exceed levels predicted by actuarial models, and premiums will not be set correctly. Figure 2 illustrates the trends in the number of disasters reported internationally per year.

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The 10 Sustainability Megaforces

Deepening social, economic and environmental challenges over the last two decades mean that sustainability issues are increasingly prominent in global business. sustainability trends predicted to play out over the next 20 years paint a picture of resource constraints, increasing regulation, shifting competitive landscapes, changes in market size and shifting consumer preferences.

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