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Africa’s top 5 education priorities

Manufacturers Look to Improve Profitable Growth through Innovation, Collaboration and Supply

Manufacturers are entering into a new era of ‘disruptive complexity’ which is fundamentally changing the way manufacturers compete and succeed, according to the KPMG’s 2014 Global Manufacturing Outlook (GMO)

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Addressing the rise of non-communicable diseases in Africa

Research and innovation in Africa – Philips leading the way

Royal Philips has announced the establishment of the Africa Innovation Hub, which is to be based in Nairobi, Kenya. The Philips Africa Innovation Hub will work both on the creation of new inventions, as well as bringing these inventions to the market.

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The potential of telemedicine in developing countries

Healthcare and innovation in Africa

Healthy populations with access to high-quality health services lead longer and more productive lives, resulting in stronger and more financially secure families, communities, and countries. At KPMG, we are passionate about finding a solution for effective delivery of healthcare, to all people, across the continent.

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ClinicCommunicator to be taken beyond Uganda’s borders

Healthcare in Africa needs rapid transformation

These are exciting times for healthcare. Emerging economies around the world are focussed on innovation and developing new business models for this sector, with governments in Africa working towards a Universal Health Coverage for their populations.

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Contracting value: Shifting paradigms

KPMG Healthcare Conference 2013: ‘Something to teach, something to learn’

Governments, hospitals and medical service providers across Africa are grappling with the challenge of providing low cost, efficient and effective healthcare to the continent’s increasing urbanised population. At the KPMG Healthcare Conference 2013, 60 of the top global leaders from the healthcare industry will convene to discuss how healthcare business models can deliver high quality care at low cost.

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Africa Focus: Mozambique discovers its way to being Africa’s power house

Increased R&D spend in the ENR sector will help drive SA’s economy

While the world may have seen tougher economic times, it can be said that the South African economy was not previously as connected and global in impact as now. The South African economy is primarily resource-driven and there is a marked impact when the energy and natural resources (ENR) sector does not perform well.

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Uganda Budget Brief 2013: Economic and budget commentary

On 13 June 2013, the 2013-14 Budget was presented in the Ugandan Parliament. Uganda Budget Brief is a general guide summarising some of the main features of the proposed Budget, including Economic and Budget commentary, and Tax Highlights.

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Spotlight on Angola

KPMG Angola works with some of the most prominent companies, both private and public, in every relevant economic sector, providing auditing, tax, accounting, business advisory, financial advisory and IT advisory services. KPMG Angola’s main assets are its people, in-depth experience and reputation and the firm is committed in contributing to Angola’s economic and social development, through its services, its focus on people and development of knowledge, and commitment to the communities.

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The benefits of systematically prioritising infrastructure projects

In our last post, KPMG’s approach to infrastructure prioritisation for Big Cities, we documented our approach to the prioritization process, and advised on how KPMG assists Big Cities in prioritization, planning or sequencing of the projects. In Big Cities Infrastructure Prioritisation we looked at the necessity of accurate and though-out prioritization to ensure sustainability and long-term benefit. Here, we take a look at the benefits of prioritization of infrastructure projects, and introduce you to our Big Cities team.

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Mega Cities Africa Sold Out!

Mega Cities Africa Conference and Expo – the most attractive forward thinking investment and future-focused urban planning event, is officially sold out due to a profound demand for participation and attendance!

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Facing Africa’s future

At the end of two days of wide-ranging analysis of various issues facing Africa today, delegates of the World Economic Forum will gather for a final session aptly titled “Facing Africa’s Future”. In the course of chairing the discussion amongst a diverse panel of contributors, Chairman Eric Kacou (co-founder of Entrepreneurial Solutions Partners in the USA) will seek to crystallize the way forward for Africa – at least as far as it has been articulated at the Forum.

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The new vision for agriculture

The New Vision represents a major paradigm shift in the way agriculture is viewed, from seeing it in philanthropic terms to approaching it as a market investment. Seen in this way, actors in the food system are required to collaborate to develop new solutions and leverage investments …

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The REACT experience: Renewable Energy and Adaptation to Climate Change Technologies

The Africa Enterprise Challenge Fund has challenged private businesses to do just that. Its Renewable Energy and Adaptation to Climate Change Technologies (REACT) funding window calls for businesses to propose and test out innovative models …

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Looking back, the World Economic Forum 2012 on Africa: Episode One

The 22nd World Economic Forum (WEF) recently took place in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. The theme of this year’s Forum was ‘Shaping Africa’s Transformation.’ The Forum hosted over 700 delegates from around the world who discussed and debated some of the issues required to drive Africa’s growth agenda. With the ongoing financial turmoil in traditional investment markets such as the United States and Europe, investment and expansion into Africa was at the top of the Forum’s agenda. The Forum highlighted the fact that there are huge opportunities for great investment returns in Africa and there was a specific focus on integrating and expanding Africa’s capital markets.

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Innovative financing for development in sub-Saharan Africa a must

Official aid (development assistance) alone will not be adequate for funding efforts to accelerate economic growth, poverty alleviation and other Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) in Africa.

Global, regional and national growth all require a blend of many contributing factors, such as a robust private sector, the political will to create an environment conducive to business’s and institutional structures and mechanisms to cater for these markets as well as the social conditions of education, health, water and sanitation, etc. True growth and development encompasses all these in a complex nexus of facilitation and delivery.

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Privacy issues and cost concerns derail tech’s progress the most

Privacy issues and cost concerns derail tech’s progress the most

In the recent KPMG 2012 Technology Innovation Survey, we identified privacy issues and cost concerns as the top barriers to commercialising disruptive technology innovations. Specifically, transparency and privacy issues were named by 40% of respondents as the highest hurdles getting in the way of tech advances in the corporate world.

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Nigerian Stock Exchange Bearish at the End of April

Potential challenge to Silicon Valley’s position as tech innovation leader

In the recent KPMG 2012 Technology Innovation Survey, we discussed the potential challenge to Silicon Valley’s position as the centre of technological innovation. This got me thinking…do we have a contender for Africa’s Silicon Valley?

From the survey, 44% of respondents said that it’s likely that the world’s technology innovation centre will move from Silicon Valley to another country in the next four years. And some 29% of respondents globally predicted that the US and China had the highest potential to lead the charge in the next generation of tech innovation.

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Chip and PIN technology more secure, but not completely invulnerable

Mobile breaks the mould

In the recent KPMG 2012 Technology Innovation Survey, we found that mobile is a clear theme in technology innovation and comes a close second in its potential to shake up consumer and enterprise markets. Of the 668 technology executives who took part in the survey, 44% forecast mobile (broadly categorised to include communications, commerce, platforms, software, and applications) as the next indispensable consumer technology.

This rings true in Africa as well. With the plethora of mobile apps, solutions, and platforms that are being made available across the African continent, we are seeing new and innovative uses for mobile platforms to suit our specific needs and requirements.

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Sustainability Megaforces and the Insurance Industry

Many international and local companies have introduced products responding to changing consumer needs and consumer preferences shifting to more sustainable behaviour – these include products targeting new and growing industry sectors, products with a ‘green’ element and products responding to new and increasing risks.

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Sustainability Megaforces: Is the insurance industry prepared?

The insurance industry relies on the ability to make informed predictions of future events as the basis for taking actions in the present. increased severity and/ or frequency of weather events, if not adequately accounted for, will mean that claims exceed levels predicted by actuarial models, and premiums will not be set correctly. Figure 2 illustrates the trends in the number of disasters reported internationally per year.

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