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Africa Brief

Africa needs dynamic Industrial Policies

The 2014 Economic Report on Africa, released by the United Nations Economic Commission for Africa (UNECA) and the African Union (AU) highlighted the fact that Africa needs to radically change its policy towards industrialization.

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What are the funds changing the face of private equity in Africa?

African Finance Corporation Summit 2014: the infrastructure divide

The Africa Finance Corporation (AFC) held its inaugural Investment Summit in Lagos, Nigeria on the 25th March 2014. The theme of the summit was ‘Bridging the Infrastructure Investment Divide,’ the summit attracted more than 500 business leaders from across the continent, and featured several significant actors in the infrastructure development sector.

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Youths and women key to upping Africa’s literacy rate

Africa – the Resilient

When one thinks of Africa, the word ‘resilient’ is rarely top of mind. But no […]

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Big Cities Africa

Africa’s urban future

Cities are the economic and creative hubs that keep a country connected to the globalised world, while the sense of permanence that they create allows us to embark on long-term projects. Equally, cities frame and channel the currents of change that take our society forward as we achieve improved livelihoods and realise more of our dreams.

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WEF Abuja will highlight that sustainable investment is key to Africa’s economic ascendancy

The rubber must hit the road for Africa’s infrastructure

There are reams of impressive studies that quantify Africa’s infrastructure needs, and the Program for Infrastructure Development in Africa (PIDA) highlights 50 priority projects for the region, many of which enjoy strong political backing …

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Cities are a catalyst for the implementation of the NDP

Two of the goals as set out in the National Development Plan (NDP) are the transformation of urban and rural spaces in South Africa and investment into a strong network of economic infrastructure designed to support medium to long-term objectives.

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Prioritising Africa’s megacities

Whilst Africa is often perceived as a mysterious, underdeveloped continent, it’s quickly becoming one of the most valuable emerging markets for infrastructure. In fact, infrastructure development – in the form of megacities – is one of the key strategic priorities for senior African leaders. What’s driving infrastructure development in Africa?

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Resource corridors, infrastructure development and private investment

Based on the principles of the Spatial Development Initiative (SDI) conceived by the South African government in 1995, resource corridors in Africa are areas in which opportunities (mainly resource-based anchor projects and associated infrastructure) have been identified that can be realised through investments to achieve sustainable development, particularly development brought in other sectors through access to the resource infrastructure.

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Leveraging resources for infrastructure development in Africa

There is no question that poor infrastructure development is one of the greatest inhibiting factors for economic and social development across Africa, or that the continent’s rich natural resources are its best leverage for turning this situation around …

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The Power of Collaboration- 5 steps for closing the “expectation gap” around Africa’s resources

Public-Private Partnerships are the framework for African infrastructure development

African infrastructure development faces a key challenge in attracting private sector and foreign direct investment. Fortunately, catalyst projects can encourage investment in infrastructure development and thereby stimulate growth. This is on condition African nations address the need for bankable projects and the successful financial closure of projects.

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Africa Brief: Diamond sales lift state funds, Egypt shares plummet as trade starts and more…

Africa Brief: City growth, Zimbabwe coffers, Accra for investors, and more

Accra, Ghana’s booming capital, was identified as having the highest growth potential of any city on the continent, according to the MasterCard African cities growth index, launched in Johannesburg on January 29th. The index was produced by Prof George Angelopulo of the University of SA and Prof George Roger of the University of Cape Town on behalf of MasterCard.

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