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KPMG Nigeria Board Governance Centre

The KPMG Board Governance Centre is a dedicated forum that provides Board members with insights […]

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The primacy of manufacturing in unlocking Africa's potential

The primacy of manufacturing in unlocking Africa’s potential

In seeking productive investment destinations, the world’s attention has shifted from the BRICS nations to Africa – which is not, of course, a single economic region, but an array of 54 hugely diverse countries. Africa is often perceived as a “last frontier”, but it offers far more than just the resources – minerals, oil and gas – ascribed to frontier economies. The continent is witnessing the rise of an immense consumer class, mostly youthful, and desirous of the same goods and services as the fully developed world.

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U.S. Summit Heralds New Relationship with African Leaders

In the recently held summit in Washington with African leaders, U.S. President Barack Obama emphasised how the relationship between America and Africa is evolving.

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Impact of Credit Valuation Adjustment (CVA) for SA Corporates

The global financial crisis and European sovereign debt crisis experienced between 2008 and 2011 created the need for more accurate pricing of credit at inception of transactions and the dynamic quantification of credit exposures throughout the life of a trade.

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High Growth Markets magazine – Unleashing Africa’s potential

Insurance for companies moving into Africa – an essential precaution

Establishing or expanding a business in a new market environment carries with it opportunities and risks which naturally require mitigation measures, including insurance for companies.

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AfDB leverages support to Zambia’s agriculture sector

AfDB leverages support to Zambia’s agriculture sector

The African Development Bank Group (AfDB) is leveraging support to Zambia’s National Agriculture Investment Plan (NAIP: 2014-2018) with the approval of a US $31.12 million (UA 20.54 million) grant from the Global Agriculture and Food Security Programme (GAFSP), to support its agriculture value chain development project.

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The long- and short-term impact of Ebola on African healthcare

Better investment climate key to improved tax revenues in Uganda

The Uganda Revenue Authority (URA) has announced that the half year revenue performance for the financial year 2013/2014 has registered the largest ever deficit of USh 246.93 billion (Ugandan Shillings, equal to about US$ 99 million).

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WEF Abuja will highlight that sustainable investment is key to Africa’s economic ascendancy

2014 World Economic Forum on Africa – an overview

Nigeria is set to host the 2014 World Economic Forum (WEF) on Africa in Abuja on 7 – 9 May. This will be the 24th such gathering. Described as the foremost gathering on the continent, this gathering of the World Economic Forum on Africa will bring together regional and global leaders to discuss “innovative structural reforms and investments that can sustain the continent’s growth while creating jobs and prosperity for all its citizens”.

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Building a strong foundation for Africa – business continuity management & infrastructure resilience

Nowhere is infrastructure resilience more important than in Africa. As the continent once considered ‘dark’ emerges into a brilliant new era of growth and stability, much of her success will depend on the quality and resilience of infrastructure.

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Mozambique (122)

Mozambique: Challenges and Opportunities

Following on from our previous post, Country Focus Seminar: Mozambique, we take a look at some of the challenges and opportunities cited by Miguel Alvim, Advisory Managing Partner at KPMG Mozambique.

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The KPMG Africa Conversation Series – Episode 9 – Panellist Biographies

By 2030 Africa will have 760 million urban residents. By 2050 the figure is expected to grow to 1.2 billion. This rapid migration has intensified the need to develop Africa’s megacities, and infrastructure has become one of the key strategic priorities amongst senior leaders throughout Africa.

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