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What influences foreign direct investment into Africa

Africa is generally less competitive than its main Developing and Transition Economy competitors Africa needs […]

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Seyi Bickersteth, National Senior Partner KPMG Nigeria, on Africa’s potential to be great

“We [Africa] need to market ourselves more. We have a continent with lots of opportunities […]

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Evolving Investment Management Regulation

In a prolonged period of economic, political and regulatory uncertainty, long-term saving is more vital […]

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Evolving Banking Regulation: Sub-Saharan Africa

Regulatory Pressure Index In a world struggling for growth, Africa stands out as the rate […]

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Nigeria Business Outlook: The Road Ahead

Business World: It is estimated that there will be a gradual pickup in global business […]

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Transfer Pricing

Tax Inspectors Without Borders and Matters Arising for Nigeria Tax Audit Process

Recently the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) announced that it will commence a […]

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2016 KPMG Africa’s Latest Indirect Tax Guide and Incentive Survey

2016 Africa Indirect Tax Country Guide Seven of the world’s fastest growing economies are in […]

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2016 Transfer Pricing Outlook for Nigeria

At the end of 2015, Nigeria taxpayers have been under Transfer Pricing (TP) rules for […]

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The African Banks of the Future needs to respond to multiple pressures

The latest edition of KPMG’s Evolving Banking Regulation report looks at the Sub-Saharan African (SSA) […]

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Barclays’s pullback highlights some challenges in the “Africa Rising” story

By Christie Viljoen The announcement by Barclays Plc that it will sell down its stake […]

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CFOs should know PE Firms want Asset Growth in Africa – KPMG’s Michael Rudnicki

Has this professional growth changed you personally as well? “I think so. My wife would […]

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African Tobacco Farmers Want Their Voices Heard

What are the current and future roles of natural resources in attracting FDI inflows to Africa?

Many of the large gains in FDI inflows to Africa during the five year period […]

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Africa’s One Billion+ Population will Mobilise Transformation of Telecoms Sector

And we expect that digital solutions will begin to have a notable impact on mobile […]

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India-Africa Economic Relations: Partnering for Growth in Key Sectors

Africa’s exports to India have grown sharply over the last decade, with mineral fuels consistently making […]

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Sub-Saharan Africa

Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Policy Support

The overall manufacturing sector across Africa is widely considered to be the ideal industry to […]

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Funding Infrastructure Development in Africa: The story so far

Infrastructure development is the greatest challenge for Africa in the 21st century. Africa is set […]

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Supply Chain

Supply Chain In Africa: A Story to Tell and Listen To

Ask any business leader what their top challenge is today and – more than likely […]

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Intellectual Property

Enforcement and Protection of Intellectual Property Laws in Africa

Intellectual Property laws does exist in Africa but how far and how well has it […]

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Venture Capital and Private Equity Industry Performance Survey of South Africa covering the 2014 calendar year

Is issuing debt instruments a viable option for African governments?

Africa’s risks are mainly perceived and not real. Unfortunately for us in Africa we are not […]

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invest in africa

Driving Africa’s growth through financial inclusion

The rising middle class and the need for financial inclusion will be the key driving […]

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Opening-up the Continent: A Focus on Africa’s Tripartite Free Trade Area (TFTA)

Of the many challenges to doing business in Africa, trade barriers are among the most […]

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Manufacturing starting to pick up in Africa

Effect of insufficient infrastructure on the African economy

The Infrastructure Consortium of Africa (ICA) believes that 40 billion potential work hours are lost […]

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Cyber security

Information Security – How Should it be Governed?

Information security has become a significant governance issue as a result of increased dependence on […]

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What Are the Ease of Doing Business in Zambia?

Lusaka is Zambia’s heartland and capital city. It’s the country’s chief administrative centre and major […]

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Zambia’s Presence on the Auditing and Accountancy Landscape

Below is an excerpt of an interview held with KPMG Zambia’s Senior Partner and CEO, Jason […]

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Africa and China Relationship

East Africa! Probably the best business destination in the world

This is a special business documentary on the prospects of East African investment; a collation […]

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M-commerce, fuelled by mobile banking and payments technology, may be the winning formula for African banks to profit from long-anticipated economic growth on the continent.

Mobile Money: Africa Vs the World

Moving away from cards to the African success story, Mobile Payments and Banking. Banks have […]

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Facebook and online shopping? But why not internet banking

Payment Developments in Africa 2015, Vol. 1

Welcome to the 1st edition of our series on “Payment Developments in Africa”. Payments has […]

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Education in Africa: How do we get it right? Pt II

What are the opportunities and challenges besetting higher education sector in Africa? Can the continent […]

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Uganda: 2015 Economic Snapshot

The Republic of Uganda is a landlocked country in East Africa. It is bordered on […]

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