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What influences foreign direct investment into Africa

Africa is generally less competitive than its main Developing and Transition Economy competitors Africa needs […]

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African countries improve talent competitiveness

Global Talent Competitiveness Index (GTCI) 2017 Talent competitiveness measures a country’s capability to compete for […]

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Africa Good Life Index: Why understanding more than GDP is important

Gross domestic product (GDP) and gross national product (GNP) are widely used to indicate the […]

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Finding highlights in Sub-Saharan Africa’s growth slump

The World Bank published its latest ‘Africa Pulse’ report on September 29. In it the […]

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Seyi Bickersteth, National Senior Partner KPMG Nigeria, on Africa’s potential to be great

“We [Africa] need to market ourselves more. We have a continent with lots of opportunities […]

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Kenya Mining Forum to showcase why Kenya is the new mining frontier

Kenya’s Mining Cabinet Secretary Dan Kazungu will officially open the Kenya Mining Forum in Nairobi […]

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LNG industry venturing into new territory

The Cut on Oil Price and the Need for a New Tax Reform

Angola currently faces a challenging economic environment after a notable period of development, namely due […]

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oil and gas

East Africa Regional Cooperation in Oil & Gas: Possible Reality?

The history of regional cooperation in East Africa is quite long and fascinating. As early […]

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The Next Generation Customer: Kenya Insurance Survey Report

Insurance is a unique product. It is bought based on a promise and as it […]

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Evolving Investment Management Regulation

In a prolonged period of economic, political and regulatory uncertainty, long-term saving is more vital […]

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FOREX Nigeria: Guidelines for the Operation of the New Foreign Exchange Regime

The Governor of the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) held a press conference yesterday (15 […]

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Evolving Banking Regulation: Sub-Saharan Africa

Regulatory Pressure Index In a world struggling for growth, Africa stands out as the rate […]

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Nigeria Business Outlook: The Road Ahead

Business World: It is estimated that there will be a gradual pickup in global business […]

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Transfer Pricing

Tax Inspectors Without Borders and Matters Arising for Nigeria Tax Audit Process

Recently the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) announced that it will commence a […]

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Cyber security

Cyber Security in Africa: The top-down approach

Africa’s thriving economies have an undeniable link to the success of technology on the continent. […]

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The Place of Technology in Tax Administration

The current state of the international crude oil market has had an obvious distressing impact […]

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2016 KPMG Africa’s Latest Indirect Tax Guide and Incentive Survey

2016 Africa Indirect Tax Country Guide Seven of the world’s fastest growing economies are in […]

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The African Banks of the Future needs to respond to multiple pressures

The latest edition of KPMG’s Evolving Banking Regulation report looks at the Sub-Saharan African (SSA) […]

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“Africa is open for business” A guide to tax / incentives in Africa

The future: a united African trade market Africa too, is party to a growing number […]

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Cyber security

Top Five Fraud Trends in Nigeria’s Commercial Banks in 2016 (1)

“The complexity and reliance on technology by modern enterprises as well as the increasing ease […]

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Barclays’s pullback highlights some challenges in the “Africa Rising” story

By Christie Viljoen The announcement by Barclays Plc that it will sell down its stake […]

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Addressing the rise of non-communicable diseases in Africa

International investors are eyeing African healthcare

While money is increasingly flowing into Africa for private healthcare initiatives and South Africa is […]

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Stocks News, pen, calculator, banks, property headlines, shallow depth of field, closeup

CFOs should know PE Firms want Asset Growth in Africa – KPMG’s Michael Rudnicki

Has this professional growth changed you personally as well? “I think so. My wife would […]

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Ten Key Regulatory Challenges Facing the Financial Services Industry in 2016 [1]

The complexities of the current regulatory environment undoubtedly pose significant challenges for financial institutions, as […]

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Raw materials could unlock Zambian development

KPMG in Nigeria assisting Dangote achieve its ambitious expansion plans.

Advising Africa conglomerate, Dangote to help achieve ambitious expansion plans. Already one of the largest […]

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Leveraging of Mobile Networks

What Influences Foreign Direct Investment Into Africa?

Barring certain exceptions, armed conflict and terrorism, policy uncertainty, macroeconomic instability and inadequate and corrupt […]

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What are the Key Drivers of Industrialisation/ Manufacturing in Africa?

The manufacturing sector is widely considered to be the ideal industry to drive Africa’s development […]

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Kenya's Consumer Market

Fast-Moving Consumer Goods in Africa 2015 Report

The fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG) sector represents one of the largest industries worldwide. Also labelled […]

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Africa’s One Billion+ Population will Mobilise Transformation of Telecoms Sector

And we expect that digital solutions will begin to have a notable impact on mobile […]

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The primacy of manufacturing in unlocking Africa's potential

Procurement: Less fire-fighting, more planning and greater value

Ask a mining procurement professional about a typical working day, and she or he is […]

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