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Raw materials could unlock Zambian development

Africa Brief: Ghana, Nigeria in fund’s sights and more…

Delta International Property Holdings, the first JSE listed property fund offering investors direct access to high growth markets in Africa, is targeting properties in Ghana and Nigeria, with an acquisition pipeline of $200m having been identified.

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Africa’s economic prospects according to the IMF

Algeria Oil Reserves

Algeria presents one of the largest oil and gas opportunities in Africa. Algeria is extremely reliant on its hydrocarbon sector, as it accounts for almost 40% of GDP, 98% of exports and 70% of fiscal revenuesAccording to the US EIA, Algeria had an estimated 12.2 billion barrels of proven oil reserves at the end of 2012 – the third biggest in Africa. That said, Algeria’s full hydrocarbon potential still has to be reliably established.

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Africa Brief: Zimbabwe tries to keep rules, manufactured goods exports, AU ban on NGOs at summit and more

Zimbabwe was trying to reach an agreement to distribute its stones directly to China, Dubai and Israel without violating rules against the sale of gems from the Marange fields. The proposal would not violate Kimberley Process rules because Zimbabwe outside of Marange was certified compliant in 2010. Zimbabwe produced 8 million carats of diamonds worth $865 million (R8 billion) last year to be the seventh-largest producer.

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Invest Africa: Rwanda

In this edition of Invest Africa the focus is on the opportunities and challenges that continue to plague the East African country of Rwanda as it tries to rebuild its image with the global economy.

There has been an increased interest in Rwanda as an investment destination – the country is one of Africa’s fastest growing economies. Its GDP growth is mainly due to an improved harvest, rising exports and increased credit extensions. Overall, the country is expected to maintain a very positive growth rate.

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