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Harnessing Entrepreneurship

With Africa’s population set to soar over the next ten years, it is vital that […]

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The importance of SMEs in growing inclusive growth in Africa

How do we help Africa’s entrepreneurs?

In Africa the road to socioeconomic development relies heavily on entrepreneurs.

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The dividends of empowering Africa's female workforce

Gender-driven Growth: Women and their role in economic growth and development

African women face major burdens. According to an ILO report sub-Saharan African has the world’s highest proportion (40%) of women who are just contributing family workers and are only supportive of the primary income earner.

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Family business in Tanzania – a history of opportunities

Family business in Tanzania – a history of opportunities

Family businesses present a range of benefits in terms of the potential for a close-knit team, and readily available, if sometimes limited, financial support. While family businesses tend to imply a smaller business, family-run companies can turn into significant economic powerhouses, and launch dynasties.

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Africa Brief: Barclays Africa looks at asset disposals and more...

Africa Brief: Kenya slashes coffee output on poor prices, Nigeria startup coins it on vast jobless number, and more

Kenya has lowered its coffee produc­tion and export earnings projections for the 2012-13 (October-September) coffee year due to poor global prices and reduced crop acreage, the industry regulator said, The Coffee Board of Kenya said it expected produc­tion of 44000 tons of coffee, down from the previous year’s 49 003 tons. Export earnings for the season could dip to 17 billion shillings (R1.9bn) from 19 billion shillings made previously.

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Africa Brief: WEF on the ‘promise of Africa’, food production in sub-Saharan Africa and more

Diversifying Africa’s resource-dependent economies and speeding up the infrastructure development so vital to its future will be two of the main topics at this week’s World Economic Forum (WEF) on Africa. This week’s event carries the theme “Delivering on Africa’s Promise”.

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The business case for cloud computing

Cloud computing has generated significant hype in Africa. But with IT vendors pushing the technology case, few companies have taken the time to look at the value it can offer from a business perspective, says Frank Rizzo, partner in Advisory at KPMG. “With services such as Apple iCloud, Microsoft SkyDrive, and Google Drive popularising the commoditisation of cloud computing, we have reached the point where implementation has become a question for the CEO and not the CIO. Cloud computing is not driven solely by technical experts any more but by business leaders who are looking to leverage cloud computing from an overall business perspective,” says Rizzo.

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