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Transacting in Africa – Exporting to Tunisia

With its 2011 Arab Spring involvement done and dusted, and the global recession lessening its grip on economies, Tunisia’s imports are once again on the rise. The economic forecast however is not for plain sailing; the country’s newly elected government faces immediate challenges in terms of stabilising the economy.

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Africa's Youth

Investing in Africa’s consumer markets

Africa is home to more than one billion people, presenting a massive potential consumer market. Moreover, population growth remains rapid, so much so that the UN forecasts the continent’s population will surpass the 1.5 billion mark by 2030 and the two billion mark 15 years later.

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Lunch with our Leader talks to Toyin Gbagi

This week on Lunch with our Leaders (LWOL) Toyin Gbagi, a partner in KPMG’s Consumer Markets Group of the Nigerian Audit Services Division, will be hosting a discussion on ‘Investing in Africa’s Consumer Markets’.

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Manufacturing starting to pick up in Africa

8 Best Practices of Planning and Organizing for success in Mega-Projects

  Construction “mega-projects” live up to their reputations in many ways, including mega-size, mega-cost, mega-complexity, […]

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Africa Geographic tourism hotspots and trends

Africa Consumer Insight: Macroeconomic drivers and spending patterns

Following on from our Africa Consumer Story: Demographics post, we take a look at macroeconomic drivers and spending patterns. Africa’s economic performance has improved greatly since the turn of the century, leading to large increases in GDP/ capita and lower levels of poverty.

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ClinicCommunicator to be taken beyond Uganda’s borders

Healthcare in Africa needs rapid transformation

These are exciting times for healthcare. Emerging economies around the world are focussed on innovation and developing new business models for this sector, with governments in Africa working towards a Universal Health Coverage for their populations.

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Chile, Atacama Region, four men at Chuquicamata Copper Refinery

Mining Copper in Africa

In February 2013, KPMG in Chile published the Quarterly Commodity Insights Bulletin, focusing on Copper. With overall copper demand expected to increase 3.6% in 2013 and 4.3% in 2014, the following are some of the insights gleaned from the Bulletin… World copper mine production increased 2% year-on-year to 16.60Mt in 2012. Production from Chile, the world’s largest copper producer, increased 4% year-on-year to 5.48Mt, after a lower mine production in 2011 due to a series of labour disputes, extreme weather, and declining ore grades.

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