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The Accounting Toolkit for the Strategic Human Resource Manager

As the Human Resource (HR) practitioner moves away from playing a “medicine-after-death” role and metamorphoses […]

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Mining in Ghana Q & A

Everywhere in the world where there is a growth in the mining industry, a vacuum quickly develops around education and skills development. Simply put, there is simply not enough human resources in the mining industry globally to cater for the significant growth in the industry. Ghana is not escaping the huge pressure its mining industry faces when it comes to education and skills development.

I am of the view that Ghana, as a country, is at a tipping point, when it comes to foreign investor decisions as to whether the country is a friendly or hostile investment destination. As everywhere else in the world, investors in the mining industry require clarity and certainty around government’s support to the industry. Major tax reforms similar to the ones proposed and currently enacted in Ghana does not assist in providing such certainty.

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