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What’s new in Africa’s telecoms industry?

Communication Service Tax: A Tax Burden Nigeria Could Do Without (Part 2)

Why the CST is a bad idea At first glance, the introduction of this tax […]

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IAEA launches CONNECT website to promote safe and secure nuclear use

On 28 October CONNECT was launched, a members-only online platform for connecting professionals in the nuclear field so that they can share knowledge and experiences and collaborate on projects. The launch was done at an interregional workshop that was part of the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA)’s International Conference on Challenges Faced by Technical and Scientific Support Organisations (TSOs) in Enhancing Nuclear Safety and Security, held in Beijing from 27 to 31 October.

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Seven reasons to be optimistic about Africa

Seven reasons to be optimistic about Africa

When I meet young Africans who have graduated from overseas universities, I’m struck by their excitement for Africa. They have a vision for their countries of origin, and a passion to return to, and invest in, their homelands. This new desire for engagement is a sign of incredible optimism and hope. There are many other signs of hope.

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Taxes and royalties create further changes

Mining: Clearing the hurdles to a promising future

Wayne Jansen, global head of mining at KPMG, says that although the mining sector has been in survival mode in recent years, the growth starting to emerge in the global economy gives reason to hope that the situation is set to improve.

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Out of Africa: Social media lessons from the developing world

So how has Nigeria’s biggest and most profitable bank transformed into a social media leader? The bank initially became interested in social media in 2009, when it recognized that a fan page had sprung up on Facebook. It knew that surrendering part of its brand to outsiders – some of whom may not even be customers – could be harmful to its reputation.

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Chip and PIN technology more secure, but not completely invulnerable

Mobile breaks the mould

In the recent KPMG 2012 Technology Innovation Survey, we found that mobile is a clear theme in technology innovation and comes a close second in its potential to shake up consumer and enterprise markets. Of the 668 technology executives who took part in the survey, 44% forecast mobile (broadly categorised to include communications, commerce, platforms, software, and applications) as the next indispensable consumer technology.

This rings true in Africa as well. With the plethora of mobile apps, solutions, and platforms that are being made available across the African continent, we are seeing new and innovative uses for mobile platforms to suit our specific needs and requirements.

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