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No-till agriculture and drought-resistant crops critical to Africa’s prosperity

No-till agriculture and drought-resistant crops critical to Africa’s prosperity

Africa is the poorest continent in the world, yet it is one of the richest in terms of its natural resources. Its vast arable lands, excellent fishing grounds, and abundant fresh water supply (in certain regions at least) offer vast potential. Not only is Africa capable of feeding all of its own, it has been recognised as a potential world bread basket.

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Mauritius pushing for 35% renewable energy by 2025

Africa’s climate challenge & clean energy potential

  The overproduction of greenhouse gases continues to impact climate change on a global scale. […]

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African demographics are a boon for retail industry

Renewable Energy – Africa Joins the Fray

When it comes to global greenhouse gas emissions, Africa’s current contribution is relatively small but, as the continent continues to expand economically, this will increase as will the demand for greater power. Cultivating long-term renewable energy projects is therefore crucial to long-term sustainable development across the continent.

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Infrastructure Projects in the Zambezi Region

REACT in Africa

At KPMG, in the context of renewable energy and climate change technology, we offer the core services of programme and fund management, Promoting public sector and civil society innovation for sustainable development, and Engaging the private sector in Renewable Energy and Adaptation to Climate Technology (REACT) impact activities.

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Africa Brief: Africa aviation potential, SADC summit, Mozambique voter registration and more

Although Africa’s aviation industry, which supported $67 billion (R662.6bn) in eco­nomic activity and 57 million jobs, was small by global stan­dards, its potential to grow was “enormous”, with a billion peo­ple spread across 20 percent of the earth’s land mass. Interna­tional Air Transport Association chief executive Tony Tyler said yesterday.He pointed out that hopes for African unity and integra­tion depended on connectivity provided by air transport. Tyler said international pas­senger demand continued to grow in April, extending the positive trend that had been developing since late last year.

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Innovative business models for sustainable energy access in Africa

REACT – the Renewable Energy and Adaptation to Climate Change Technologies – calls for innovative business models to bring sustainable technologies to rural consumers in response to the following challenges …

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The REACT experience: Renewable Energy and Adaptation to Climate Change Technologies

The Africa Enterprise Challenge Fund has challenged private businesses to do just that. Its Renewable Energy and Adaptation to Climate Change Technologies (REACT) funding window calls for businesses to propose and test out innovative models …

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Building Africa with BRICS

Representing the world’s fastest-growing emerging markets, the Brazil-Russia-India-China grouping added South Africa to its ranks in 2011. Together the BRICS countries account for 42% of the world’s population …

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Energy access in Africa

Sustainable energy products and services have the potential to improve the lives and productivity of millions of rural households and businesses across sub-Saharan Africa that have no energy access. Private investment will be necessary to develop this market …

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Farming tool

The BRICS Corridor: Agriculture and Agro-Processing

The focus of BRICS nations on agriculture and food security has a long history and from the very first BRIC summit in 2009, these countries have made pronouncements on their plans to enhance the agricultural sector. Separate meetings have taken place between BRICS leaders and Ministers in the Agricultural and Agrarian Development portfolios over the years…

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Sustainability Megaforces: Is the insurance industry prepared?

The insurance industry relies on the ability to make informed predictions of future events as the basis for taking actions in the present. increased severity and/ or frequency of weather events, if not adequately accounted for, will mean that claims exceed levels predicted by actuarial models, and premiums will not be set correctly. Figure 2 illustrates the trends in the number of disasters reported internationally per year.

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The 10 Sustainability Megaforces

Deepening social, economic and environmental challenges over the last two decades mean that sustainability issues are increasingly prominent in global business. sustainability trends predicted to play out over the next 20 years paint a picture of resource constraints, increasing regulation, shifting competitive landscapes, changes in market size and shifting consumer preferences.

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Africa Brief

Climate change deep underground for mining sector

A KPMG survey entitled Responses to the Climate Change Debate: KPMG Mining Industry Survey covered North America, the Asia Pacific region, Africa, the Middle East, and South America.

Ian Kramer, Director and Head of Mining in Africa for KPMG, says that the report found that less than 20% of global mining sector players believe that climate change is a significant driver for new initiatives in their organisation, with almost 50% of the sector reporting that their organisations had not quantified the potential cost of climate change into their business.

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Africa Conversation Series: Climate proofing Africa

World Bank Chief Economist for Africa, Shanta Devarajan, recently wrote that sub-Saharan Africa in 2011 has unprecedented opportunity for transformation, and sustained growth, and helping to ensure the right energy solutions are available to help achieve this prospect will simultaneously be good for climate protection and local development as well. Still at the threshold of a renewable energy revolution, what are some of the challenges this environment presents and what are some of the opportunities for investors? This is just some of what is discussed in this episode of the KPMG Africa Conversation Series.

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