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WEF Africa 2014 in Nigeria expected to serve as a showcase for Nigerian economic potential

WEF Africa 2014 in Nigeria expected to serve as a showcase for Nigerian economic potential

The 24th World Economic Forum (WEF) on Africa is to be held in Abuja, Nigeria, on 7 – 9 May 2014. Nigeria, sub-Saharan Africa’s second-largest economy and the continent’s most populous nation, with over 160 million inhabitants, is a fitting host for this year’s conference.

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WEF Abuja will highlight that sustainable investment is key to Africa’s economic ascendancy

2014 World Economic Forum on Africa – an overview

Nigeria is set to host the 2014 World Economic Forum (WEF) on Africa in Abuja on 7 – 9 May. This will be the 24th such gathering. Described as the foremost gathering on the continent, this gathering of the World Economic Forum on Africa will bring together regional and global leaders to discuss “innovative structural reforms and investments that can sustain the continent’s growth while creating jobs and prosperity for all its citizens”.

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Kigali climbing the ranks of Africa’s most liveable cities

Africa’s top 10 infrastructure projects

Improved infrastructure is absolutely vital to Africa’s economic and social development. National leaders appear to be aware of this – at the African summit of the World Economic Forum (WEF) held in Cape Town in May 2013, the general sentiment was one of unprecedented collaboration.

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Africa Brief

The Angolan consumer story

The rise of the Angolan economy, over the past 10 years, has been nothing short of spectacular. From an economy plagued by hyperinflation and suffering from the consequences of decades of civil war in the early 2000s; today, the southern African economy is one of the fastest growing in the world and continues to attract billions of dollars in foreign investment.

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Africa Brief: Burger King in Africa, Ethiopia’s Nile dam talks, Kenya’s economic expansion and more

Not so long ago, for luxury goods retailers the African mar­ket boiled down to a tiny elite, in some cases just a corrupt ruling clique. Not anymore. Although mil­lions of Africans remain stuck in crushing poverty, disposable incomes are on the up. Luxury firms like LVMH, which makes Moet and Hennessy luxury drinks as well as Louis Vuitton handbags, are targeting the burgeoning ranks of what South African retailers call “black diamonds “, or affluent African professionals.

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Africa Brief: Africa surpasses while SA affirms, Burger King in Africa and more

Burger King’s debut in the sub-Saharan Africa market is part of the group’s strategy to become the best and most profitable quick-service restaurant business globally, accord­ing to Jose Cil, president of Europe, Middle East and Africa for Burger King Worldwide.Mr Cil said in an interview yesterday that the group’s first out­let,

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Africa’s challenges and promise

The World Bank’s Vice President, Makhtar Diop, has called for faster progress in areas such as electricity and food in the vulnerable areas of The Sahel and the Horn of Africa, and says that significantly more energy and agricultural productivity are needed to raise the quality of life …

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African economic prospects: Where to from here?

The IMF’s World Economic Outlook 2013 and the World Bank’s latest “Africa’s Pulse” (a twice-yearly analysis of the issues shaping Africa’s economic prospects) provide the following insights on African economic performance and the outlook for 2014 …

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Governments’ role in the World Economic Forum on Africa

Africa is the second fastest growing region globally, and as the economies of the African continent continue to grow, it’s important that governments support sustainable growth to create jobs, tackle inequality, and lift their people out of poverty. The theme of the World Economic Forum on Africa 2013 is “Delivering on Africa’s Promise” – apt given Africa’s growing middle class and the global demand for Africa’s resources.

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