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Addressing the rise of non-communicable diseases in Africa

Addressing the rise of non-communicable diseases in Africa

As infectious and parasitic diseases and perinatal dangers are brought under control in Africa, the continent’s mortality profile will increasingly come to resemble that of more advanced societies. At some point (which is still however some way off), non-communicable conditions like cancer, diabetes and heart failure will kill the most people, resulting in a complete change in the demands on healthcare systems.

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Raw materials could unlock Zambian development

Africa Brief: NewPlat lists in Botswana and more…

Funds Barclays Africa yesterday listed NewPlat, the world’s largest platinum exchange-traded fund, on the Botswana Stock Exchange.

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Africa Brief: Tourism in Zimbabwe battles on as arrivals stagnate and more...

Botswana – towards a premium brand country

The Botswana Investment and Trade Centre (BITC), established by act of Parliament, has for several years now been managing Brand Botswana, the national brand strategy that aims to build a unified national identity.

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LWOL: Dinesh Kumar discusses the topic ‘What’s trending in Procurement?’

The State of African Cybercrime in 2014

In the aftermath of the Arab Spring, cybercrime in Africa has reached all-time high levels. Unfortunately, unrest, whether it be to overthrow an oppressive regime or not, brings with it an overall increase in violence and crime in an area.

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Infrastructure regulation in Africa: Botswana

Botswana, a middle-income nation, has one of the fastest growing economies in the world today. It has enjoyed an excellent record of political stability since independence in 1966, a consistent focus on education investment has led to high education levels, and the country has one of sub-Saharan Africa’s highest investment grade sovereign credit ratings.

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Africa Geographic tourism hotspots and trends

Africa Consumer Insight: Macroeconomic drivers and spending patterns

Following on from our Africa Consumer Story: Demographics post, we take a look at macroeconomic drivers and spending patterns. Africa’s economic performance has improved greatly since the turn of the century, leading to large increases in GDP/ capita and lower levels of poverty.

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International Retailers Eye-Up Africa

Africa Brief: ‘Good gains’ in Botswana property investment, Zimbabwe economic activity, growth in Africa and more

In this Africa Brief: Direct investment property in Botswana produced total returns of 17.9% last year, beating returns on South African fixed investment property, which delivered a 15.2% total return last year. Economic experts and business exec­utives in Zimbabwe are expecting a fur­ther slowdown in economic activity in Zimbabwe after weekend election results…

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Africa Focus: Mozambique discovers its way to being Africa’s power house

Africa Brief: Chinese miners flee crackdown in Ghana, Mozambiquan interest rates and more…

More than 4 500 Chinese had left Ghana since a crackdown on illegal mining began last month, with the illicit industry having drawn scores of Chinese to the country an official said on Friday Ghana Immigration Services spokesman Francis Palmdeti said that between June 1 and July 3, a total of 571 Chinese had been arrested or had voluntarily turned themselves over to immigration authorities in Ghana.

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High Growth Markets magazine – Unleashing Africa’s potential

Results of the 2012 Africa Anti-Money Laundering Survey

The level of interest by African banks in anti-money laundering (AML) has risen drastically, according to the 2012 KPMG Africa Anti-Money Laundering Survey. The survey revealed that 66% of the main board of directors have prioritised AML issues, as banks work to comply with stricter global regulations.

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Africa Brief: Kenya’s fuel costs, Libya: oil output, SABMiller in Namibia and more

Kenya may face a “spike” in petrol costs and a shortage next month because of a dispute between fuel retailers and the country’s only refinery, the head of a leading fuel and oil retailer, Vivo Energy Kenya, has warned. Ten fuel-marketing companies have refused to adhere to a rule that they purchase 40% of their fuel needs from the 50-year-old refinery, the Oil Industry Supply Co-ordination Committee said in a letter sent to Kenya Petroleum Refineries Limited (KPRL).

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Business in Africa – assessing fraud and corruption

In a sense such heat-maps already exist. The best known is probably Transparency International’s Corruption Perception Index. This index indicates the perceived levels of corruption in different countries by way of a deeper shade of red. According to this index, the morally “safest” places when expanding into Africa are Botswana (ranked the 30th least corrupt country out of 176 countries), Namibia (58th), Ghana (64th) and South Africa (69th).

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Africa Brief: Africa surpasses while SA affirms, Burger King in Africa and more

Burger King’s debut in the sub-Saharan Africa market is part of the group’s strategy to become the best and most profitable quick-service restaurant business globally, accord­ing to Jose Cil, president of Europe, Middle East and Africa for Burger King Worldwide.Mr Cil said in an interview yesterday that the group’s first out­let,

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Africa Brief: a model for rail co-operation, Zambia startup, mining in Africa and more

Transnet Freight Rail (TFR) and Botswana Railways are slated to start moving two trains a week from Palapye in Botswana to Durban next month in order to export 2-miIlion tons of coal a year.

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Africa Brief: Central Africa security focus, resources curse, banks post higher losses, Egypt, Uganda, Transnet and more

SA’s government and its military seem to be focused on the problems of central Africa — the geographical region, not the country — but the reasons for the growing involve­ment are hard to discern. 13 paratroopers were flown home in body bags after extraordinary battles in Bangui with Seleka rebels on March 23. SA is becoming more and more involved with peacekeepers and other military contingents in the Democratic Republic of Congo — with more on the way in a new intervention force in the eastern Kivu region — and in the CAR, and in Sudan’s Darfur region.

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Africa brief: aviation

Africa Brief: Egypt central bank, Zimbabwe capitalisation, Emirates Boeing 777, and more

Egypt’s central bank cancelled a foreign currency auction that was supposed to take place on 3 February 2013 and said it will announce details of upcoming auctions. This is believed to be a signal of a possible change to a system of currency sales brought in to stem a decline in foreign reserves.

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Business in Africa: Some challenges on the road to a promising future

The April 2012 World Economic Outlook report published by the International Monetary Fund presented a sturdy but cautiously optimistic future for the various African economies. Sub-Saharan
 Africa particularly recorded a strong 5 percent growth in 2011 and was one of the regions least affected
by the global financial crisis. With the exception of South Africa, limited financial ties to Europe helped shield the region from the financial havoc that tore through Western economies in late 2011.

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Africa: A Continent of Diversity and Opportunity

Many JSE companies are seeing Africa as the new frontier and an important source of long-term growth, especially those companies doing business in mature markets. The International Monetary Fund forecast the region to grow at 5.5% both this year and next. By comparison, South Africa’s economic growth rate is forecast at just 2.7%.

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Healthcare systems in Africa

This is a summary of the African countries which, in our opinion, are notable for some aspect of their healthcare systems, whether it be rapid uptake of health insurance, high levels of total expenditure or innovative governance in the public sector…

Botswana: A relatively wealthy country, Botswana is one of the four countries in Africa which complied with the Abuja commitment in 2010 by spending more than 15% of its budget on health. Botswana is also notable for the health profile of its private healthcare spending: only 30% of private health expenditure was out-of-pocket, which is good news for health outcomes although the high HIV prevalence rate still holds life expectancy down.

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The 2012 Africa Tax Academy and Transfer Pricing in Africa

The 2012 Africa Tax Academy took place in Nairobi, Kenya, from 9 to 11 July 2012, followed by a client breakfast with presentations by KPMG professionals from different jurisdictions on 12 July 2012.

Approximately 80 delegates attended the conference from countries such as Kenya, Nigeria, South Africa, Uganda, Rwanda, Sierra Leone, DRC, Malawi, Zambia, Botswana, Ghana, Tanzania, but also from Germany and Switzerland.

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