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Living up to customer expectations: a view from Banks CEOs

Today’s banking customers expect more than just good rates and secure services. They also expect […]

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Evolving Banking Regulation: Sub-Saharan Africa

Regulatory Pressure Index In a world struggling for growth, Africa stands out as the rate […]

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Banking in Africa: Reaching the Unbanked

As already alluded to previously in this report, a large proportion of the African populace […]

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South Africa: Payment Journey and Key Trends

South Africa is steadily moving towards a less cash depend society. This is demonstrated by […]

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Leveraging of Mobile Networks

KPMG Africa’s Banking in Africa Report (2015)

The banking sectors of a number of sub-Saharan Africa (SSA) countries have exhibited significant growth […]

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Venture Capital and Private Equity Industry Performance Survey of South Africa covering the 2014 calendar year

Nigerian retail banking an increasingly competitive space

The gap between the highest and lowest ranked banks in Nigeria’s retail segment has never been closer. This is an indication that the country’s banks are operating in a very competitive space at the moment. The convenience of a bank’s services has become one of the keys to its success.

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Facebook and online shopping? But why not internet banking

Facebook and online shopping? But why not internet banking

With so many Nigerians happily surfing the net, why have local banks not converted more of these sophisticated web users into internet banking customers?

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Africa Brief: Tourism in Zimbabwe battles on as arrivals stagnate and more...

Africa Brief: Tourism in Zimbabwe battles on as arrivals stagnate and more…

Zimbabwe’s efforts to revive the economy using proceeds from the tourism industry has failed as tourist arrivals stagnated in the first half of the year, with arrivals only increasing by 1 percent compared with the prior year. This growth was supported by the increase in arrivals from Europe, Germany and the UK.

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Facebook and online shopping? But why not internet banking

The rise of Africa’s banking champions

There has been a rapid expansion of banking activities across the continent in recent years that, encouragingly, has not been driven by global / Western banks alone

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Nigeria Banking Industry Customer Satisfaction Survey

Nigeria Banking Industry Customer Satisfaction Survey

The Nigerian banking landscape continues to face significant headwinds on its bottomline – both from the topline and costs.

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The place for shadow banking in the economy

The place for Shadow Banking in the economy

Shadow Banking is a non-banking entity that provides lending services, such as asset-backed securitisation through special vehicles, outside the traditional regulatory environment in which a traditional bank should operate under.

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Western Union launched Nigeria’s first outbound remittance payment service, which is expected to boost business growth in the country.

What Cross-Border Banking Means for Africa

The appearance of regional banking institutions in new countries forces the host country to up their game when it comes to the banking infrastructure they are offering consumers.

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Payment revolution on the horizon

Kenya’s efforts towards financial inclusion

In recent years Kenya has focused on financial inclusion as a sustainable way of alleviating […]

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Mobile branchless banking in emerging markets

Branchless banking allows the customer to have access to banking services without being reliant on a brick-and-mortar bank branch. Technological advancements and the adoption of a collaborative approach between banking service providers and technology companies are going to forge a new way of doing banking in emerging markets, where transport, electrical and other infrastructure is often underdeveloped.

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High Growth Markets magazine – Unleashing Africa’s potential

Harnessing banking technology in North Africa

The face of banking in North Africa is changing. Regulators across the continent are putting pressure on banks to reform, with the aim of better customer service. While the Arab Spring depressed growth in the region and the worldwide financial crisis hit hard, overall there appears to be sustained economic growth.

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Africa Geographic tourism hotspots and trends

Africa Brief: Inflationary pressure feared, Togo-Ecobank goes on hiring drive, Famous Brands in Africa and more

Uganda’s central bank held its benchmark lending rate at 11 percent on 2 July 2013, citing renewed inflationary pressure. Policymakers said the bank expected annual core inflation would rise slightly over the next two or three months, before falling back towards its medium-term target of 5 percent.

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Out of Africa: Social media lessons from the developing world

So how has Nigeria’s biggest and most profitable bank transformed into a social media leader? The bank initially became interested in social media in 2009, when it recognized that a fan page had sprung up on Facebook. It knew that surrendering part of its brand to outsiders – some of whom may not even be customers – could be harmful to its reputation.

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The 2013 KPMG Nigeria Banking Industry Customer Satisfaction Survey (BICSS)

The annual Banking Industry Customer Satisfaction Survey (BICSS) is a publication of the Management Consulting practice of KPMG Advisory Services. The Management Consulting practice provides strategy, business transformation, technology, project management and human resource advisory services.

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Africa Brief: Nedbank fixed-income funds in Africa, diabetes threat, Kenya’s KenolKobil and more

Nedbank was considering starting Fixed-income funds in Mauritius and east Africa, similar to those it ran with parent Old Mutual in Namibia. The funds would hold securities of up to $300 million (R2.9 billion) with a maturity of less than 30 months. It would decide this year whether to open a fund in Mauritius. The funds would target short-term investors who wanted higher returns than local banks offered.

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Economic Outlook: Africa

Over the past quarter, we have downwardly revised our forecast for the real GDP expansion of sub-Saharan Africa in 2013, 2014 and 2015. But to be clear, the overall trend is still positive, with real GDP growth increasing every year up to 2015, after which we expect the growth figure to remain at the same level in 2016.

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Africa as an investment destination

The attractiveness of Africa as an investment destination has been positively impacted by a number of developments in the regulatory environment in African countries …

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The Future of LTE in Sub-Saharan Africa

Africa Brief: Vodafone expansion, Zimbabwe’s indigenisation of mines and banks, and more

Africa has turned to one of the biggest profit generators for Vodafone, helping to make up for the European slow down. Africa will be the industry’s fastest growing region by subscribers over the next 5 years as firms build advanced networks and customers switch to broadband. Vodafone reported a R12.9bn EBITDA, which is 15% up from the prior year.

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Africa Brief: Zimbabwe farmers, Airbus, Barclays Zimbabwe, and more

The fight between farmers and the state of Zimbabwe for land has been a prolonged battle, widely seen as executive self-help. The SADC (Southern African Development Community) tribunal was set up for individuals who had exhausted their country’s domestic courts, which was later suspended. It was later decided to amend the protocol for the tribunal which now disallows individuals from approaching it, though it has been much condemned.

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