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Facebook and online shopping? But why not internet banking

The rise of Africa’s banking champions

There has been a rapid expansion of banking activities across the continent in recent years that, encouragingly, has not been driven by global / Western banks alone

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Singapore seeks stronger trading ties with Africa

Singapore sees profitable trade opportunities and project partners in the area and that are ready and eager to establish more links with Africa.

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Africa Brief: Swaziland wants local cut for builders, wind-turbine market up in Africa and more

One sector of Swaziland’s otherwise declining economy -the construction industry -intends to localise construction jobs through new legislation that blocks South African construction firms from doing business in the country with­out a Swazi partner. The House of Assembly is considering the Construction Industry Council Bill, which forbids exclusive tendering of government projects to foreign firms. It also stipulates that jobs in the private sector can­not be given solely to non-local construction companies.

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Nairobi to test drive Kenya Power’s smart meters project

Facts on African cities

The emergence of African cities is the highest form of social organisation, often associated with advancing human development with cities incorporating economic, cultural and political factors. For instance Lagos in Nigeria has boomed from 300 000 inhabitants in 1960 to over 17 million today and Johannesburg is the largest city which boasts some of the richest mineral deposits the world has ever seen …

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The role of cities in Africa’s rise

The rise of cities in Africa and their role in economic development is a global phenomenon. Today, over half the world’s population are urban dwellers, generating, in some cases, up to 80% of a country’s national production and income. By 2025 cities will house over 4 billion consumers…

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