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ICT in Africa – Innovation and emerging technologies to beat the technology gap

ICT in Africa – Innovation and emerging technologies to beat the technology gap

Information and communications technologies (ICTs) offer a means of substantially improving productivity and efficiency across a broad number of economic sectors for companies, as well as both developed, and developing countries.

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African Potential: 
unleashed or unfulfilled?

Africa Brief: AU move leaves ICC relations in tatters, CEOs in Africa expect operations on continent to grow and more…

Algeria wants to revive long-neglected industries as a result of the disappointing eco­nomic performance due to its reliance on oil and gas. Prime Minister, Abdelmalek Sellal, told business leaders and trade unionists that “reindustrialisation must be the engine of strong and healthy eco­nomic growth”.

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Africa Brief

Africa Brief: Africa falls far behind in mobile broadband access, Famous brands gets big in Nigeria and more

Whereas the rest of the world prepares to introduce and welcome 5G communications technology, most of Africa is still struggling to launch 2G, let alone 3G technology in their markets which is already behind the LTE and 4G in uses around the world. While Africa is the most rapidly growing market for mobile technology, it still has one of the lowest penetration rates.

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FDI favouring consumer-facing industry

10 year anniversary of the African Women’s Rights Protocol

Although ratifications are a necessary step to securing women’s rights in Africa, major challenges remain in relation to the deeply embedded social and cultural norms of African culture.

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Africa Brief: Barclays Africa looks at asset disposals and more...

Africa Brief: Kenya slashes coffee output on poor prices, Nigeria startup coins it on vast jobless number, and more

Kenya has lowered its coffee produc­tion and export earnings projections for the 2012-13 (October-September) coffee year due to poor global prices and reduced crop acreage, the industry regulator said, The Coffee Board of Kenya said it expected produc­tion of 44000 tons of coffee, down from the previous year’s 49 003 tons. Export earnings for the season could dip to 17 billion shillings (R1.9bn) from 19 billion shillings made previously.

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Africa Brief: Zimbabwe’s state airline, Labat Africa expands, MTN eyes Burma and more

Zimbabwe’s state airline has been granted permission to resume flying to Intercontinental destinations. On Friday, Air Zimbabwe announced that the world aviation body had finalized the safety audit on replacement aircraft and new services. The airline was grounded last year because of pilot strikes and debt.

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Africa Brief: Burger King in Africa, Ethiopia’s Nile dam talks, Kenya’s economic expansion and more

Not so long ago, for luxury goods retailers the African mar­ket boiled down to a tiny elite, in some cases just a corrupt ruling clique. Not anymore. Although mil­lions of Africans remain stuck in crushing poverty, disposable incomes are on the up. Luxury firms like LVMH, which makes Moet and Hennessy luxury drinks as well as Louis Vuitton handbags, are targeting the burgeoning ranks of what South African retailers call “black diamonds “, or affluent African professionals.

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Africa Brief: Zimbabwe tries to keep rules, manufactured goods exports, AU ban on NGOs at summit and more

Zimbabwe was trying to reach an agreement to distribute its stones directly to China, Dubai and Israel without violating rules against the sale of gems from the Marange fields. The proposal would not violate Kimberley Process rules because Zimbabwe outside of Marange was certified compliant in 2010. Zimbabwe produced 8 million carats of diamonds worth $865 million (R8 billion) last year to be the seventh-largest producer.

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Leveraging resources for infrastructure development in Africa

There is no question that poor infrastructure development is one of the greatest inhibiting factors for economic and social development across Africa, or that the continent’s rich natural resources are its best leverage for turning this situation around …

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African cities: Key challenges and rising urbanisation

While African cities do bring with them great economic growth prospects and coordinated development, and urbanisation is often associated with rising incomes and better living standards, lack of resources, inadequate infrastructure and poor planning or management pose enormous challenges …

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Ethiopia- Investment opportunities and challenges

Ethiopia: Investment opportunities and challenges

This week we travel to to the horn of Africa for a closer look at the investment opportunities and challenges in the East African nation of Ethiopia. With a population of close to 82-million, Ethiopia is the second most populous country in sub-Saharan Africa and the most populous land-locked country in the world.

Its capital, Addis Ababa, serves as the headquarters for both the African Union and the United Nations Economic Commission for Africa. Ethiopia has faced numerous hardships throughout its history.

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