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South Sudan records Africa’s sixth hyperinflation episode

Newswire Bloomberg warned some 12 months ago that a dramatic devaluation of the South Sudanese […]

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Africa Good Life Index: Why understanding more than GDP is important

Gross domestic product (GDP) and gross national product (GNP) are widely used to indicate the […]

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Investing in Kenya

Spotlight on Kenya

Kenya’s financial services industry is currently one of the fastest growing not only in the East African region but the continent with the Nairobi Securities Exchange (a financial assets and securities market) being ranked fourth in Africa.

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Manufacturing starting to pick up in Africa

Manufacturing Starting to pick up in Africa

Despite many African countries starting to enjoy higher levels of economic growth in recent years, very little of this growth can be attributed to the manufacturing sector of any African country.

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Singapore seeks stronger trading ties with Africa

Singapore sees profitable trade opportunities and project partners in the area and that are ready and eager to establish more links with Africa.

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Intellectual Property

WEF: Inclusive growth possible in Africa despite high inequalities, says AfDB

In spite of the high inequalities existing between countries in Africa, inclusive growth was still possible with cooperation and integration of trade, the Chief Economist, African Development Bank, AfDB, Mthuli Ncube, has said. Mr. Ncube, who was speaking during one of the private meetings marking the opening of the 24the World Economic Forum

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Prioritising Africa’s megacities

Whilst Africa is often perceived as a mysterious, underdeveloped continent, it’s quickly becoming one of the most valuable emerging markets for infrastructure. In fact, infrastructure development – in the form of megacities – is one of the key strategic priorities for senior African leaders. What’s driving infrastructure development in Africa?

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