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South Sudan records Africa’s sixth hyperinflation episode

Newswire Bloomberg warned some 12 months ago that a dramatic devaluation of the South Sudanese […]

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Time to Invest (2): Significant Sectors of the Nigerian Economy

  Nigeria’s economy is largely services based as the Services sector accounts for over 50% […]

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Nigeria-Ghana trade connection to increase

Tanzania HR Summit 2014 to focus on Vision 2025

The implementation of Vision 2025 will allow Tanzania to move up globally to the position of a middle income country – and Tanzania’s HR sector is the key to this transformation.

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What are the funds changing the face of private equity in Africa?

How effective are Businesses at Determining Profitability?

Profitability is the name of the game for every business – but interestingly enough, many admitted in our 2014 GMO report that they could not confidently claim to be very effective at determining their profitability at the end of the day.

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The primacy of manufacturing in unlocking Africa's potential

Join Lord Michael John Hastings for ‘Lunch with our Leaders’ on LinkedIn

This Thursday by 14:00 CAT, KPMG Africa will be facilitating a Q&A session on our LinkedIn platform – KPMG Africa Lunch with our Leaders. The theme for this weeks’ ‘Lunch’ is Global Manufacturing and its impact on Africa’s Economy.

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