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Partner with our Africa Expansion Team to ensure expansion success

From Ethiopia to Ghana, Zambia and Mozambique, many of Africa’s economies are marching to the drumbeat of progress. KPMG is well positioned to help you navigate this burgeoning market, ensuring you capture the business opportunities available and mitigate the risks.

With offices in 33 African countries, and one more about to open in Ethiopia, our teams have crucial local knowledge of tax regimes, political systems and cultural quirks critical to successful business operations.

As expressed by Anthony Thunstrom, COO of the KPMG Africa Practice, “The African market is a dynamic one and a unique one, with nuances only learnt through experience. To successfully establish a sustainable future on the continent whilst seizing the African opportunity, there is no doubt, that the complexities of the continent need to be understood.”

An integrated approach

Our integrated approach to the region – all African member firms act as one under a single leadership team – means that you can be assured of consistent high quality and cross-border coordination when you collaborate with us.

Links to the KPMG network worldwide and international expertise are also vital to us being able to provide an excellent, multi-disciplinary client experience. Our market entry team is a dedicated senior specialist resource representing the main regions in Africa. We look forward to meeting you and sharing our experiences on the continent with you!

Meet the team

The Africa Expansion team is headed by Anthony Thunstrom. Anthony joined KPMG in 1993 and has remained at KPMG his entire working career. He currently heads the region’s audit practice. His industry experience includes banking; chemicals and plastics; retail services; transport; logistics; aluminium smelting; textiles; and the automotive industry. Anthony also serves on the Board and the Audit Committee of KPMG.

Anthony is backed by a highly skilled cohort that includes:

  • Katherine Miles, Africa Executive
  • Dapo Okubadejo, Market Entry West Africa
  • Boitumelo Ngutshane, Market Entry South Africa
  • Sheel Gill, Market Entry East Africa
  • Kerry Jenkins, Internal Audit Risk & Compliance Services
  • Nick Matthews, Transactions & Restructuring, Mergers & Acquisitions
  • Devon Duffield, Partner, Tax
  • Donna Gray, Corporate Finance
  • Werner Jacobs, Mergers & Acquisitions
  • Lullu Krugel, Associate Director Advisory
  • Yoliswa Msweli, Climate Change & Sustainability Services

Formulating your strategy for Africa expansion

Here are four questions every business needs to ask itself when planning to expand operations into Africa:

  1. Can Africa complement your strategy? 
  • Different Africa strategies can apply to different overall business strategies; outsourcing, consumer-oriented, resource-focused. Have clear goals for the Africa operation’s contribution.
  • In early phases, the Africa operation may be a cost centre for the global operation.
  1. Can you compete in Africa? 
  • Entering African markets is challenging and time-consuming: patience and the willingness to wait long for break-even may be required.
  • Local knowledge and in-depth research are essential: establish partnerships with research providers and local advisors/partners for thorough pre-entry market research.
  1. What is the best way to enter Africa?
  • Different entry strategies have different risk/return profiles, from greenfield to minority stakes. Choose one that suits the global operation’s needs and goals.
  • Always involve local partners or employees, to maximise the contribution of on-the-ground knowledge to the operation.
  1. Will your business model work in Africa?
  • Take market research and trends into account when drawing up a market-specific business model.
  • Evaluate all risks and put contingency plans in place.
  • Consider how the global strategy can support the planned Africa operation.

The role of our Africa Expansion Team is to help you answer these questions. We aim to assist investors in developing an understanding of what it takes to succeed in an African market.

We help define your strategy and we study – in depth – the market size and growth potential, key demand drivers and relevant trends, the regulatory and competitive environment, as well as the tax, legal and labour aspects that could be critical in the evaluation of an industry in Africa.

Using a structured, quantitative and practical approach, we assess the attractiveness of the industry and evaluate whether the opportunity is realistic, as our client builds a strategy to enter or expand into the specific African market.

For more information on our Market Entry strategy and how we can assist you, please visit our Africa Market Expansion page, download free materials and feel free to contact us.

David Okwara

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