Ideal Tax Operation

Managing Tax Audits And Investigations

The current focus on non-oil revenue has placed more demand on tax authorities in Nigeria to increase tax revenue. The tax authorities have identified audit/ investigation, among others, as the vehicle to achieve their revenue budget. This has therefore resulted in increase in the number of tax audit/investigation in recent times.

Tax audit/investigation can be very challenging for tax payers, as mismanagement of the process can lead to prolonged reconciliation meetings and increased tax liabilities. Therefore, proactive management of the exercise is very important.

This training programme will equip participants with the knowledge and skill required to adequately manage tax audits and/or investigations from start to finish. The programme will focus on some of the following key concepts/issues:

  • The legal bases for tax audits and/ or investigations
  • Proactively planning for tax audits and/ or investigations
  • Managing the pre-audit, field audit and post-audit stages of tax audits/ investigations
  • Facilitating speedy close-out of tax audits and/ or investigations
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David Okwara

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