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KPMG and the UN World Food Programme

Lord Michael Hastings, Global Head of Citizenship, KPMG International, discusses KPMG’s support of the United Nations World Food Programme and KPMG’s efforts to address the global nutrition crisis, and how to help inform the debate on food scarcity and unlock some of the issues around food availability.

We as KPMG were one of the many sponsors of the World Food Programme, both the tent in which a lot of the meetings and opportunities happened, but also a remarkable dinner that brings together on the Thursday night of Davos a huge number of very senior politicians, very senior business executives from around the world and leaders within the development sector. 

And what they say to us year after year after year is the nutrition crisis and the food, or the absence of food in security crisis is beginning to become an overwhelming flood problem that we’ve got to give greater attention to. There’s only so much that an agency like the world food program feeding about a hundred million people can do so. It’s up to many of us to become active partners.

Last night we received a certificate of appreciation for KPMG’s role in stepping up. So it was a wonderful statement of the seriousness of our intent and the value of our partnerships.

Learn more about the World Food Programme. The World Economic Forum, led by the Consumer Industries Community, has published The New Vision for Agriculture which aims to deliver food security, environmental sustainability and economic opportunity through agriculture.

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