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KPMG Healthcare Conference 2013: ‘Something to teach, something to learn’

From 15 – 17 July 2013, we will be hosting our annual Healthcare Conference.

Governments, hospitals and medical service providers across Africa are grappling with the challenge of providing low cost, efficient and effective healthcare to the continent’s increasing urbanised population.

At the KPMG Healthcare Conference 2013, 60 of the top global leaders from the healthcare industry will convene to discuss how healthcare business models can deliver high quality care at low cost.

KPMG’s commitment

KPMG has undertaken research at an international level with a keen focus into innovative practices of low cost models of healthcare.

The conference will incorporate high-profile speakers who will be presenting a series of dynamic working sessions, coupled with the sharing of knowledge applicable to low cost models of healthcare that has been successfully implemented across the world– this has given rise to the theme of the conference. ‘Something to teach, something to learn, Delivering safe and effective care at low cost’.

Focus topics

Topics that will be covered during the conference include:

• Payer Strategies

• Role of workforce

• Role of infrastructure, building and technology

• Something to teach, something to learn – lessons from India, China and others.

The result of the working sessions will be prepared into a congruent piece of thought leadership on the delivery of low cost, high quality care to push forward the conversation on a global scale.

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David Okwara

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