The Beginning

The KPMG Games is an initiative of KPMG in Nigeria and it began in 2011. Since then, it has been celebrated annually till date. This year’s event will be the 9th Edition of the Games.

The Name

The Games was originally called “KPMG Interdivisional Competition” and  later renamed the ‘KPMG Olympics’. However, the name change didn’t end there, it finally became ‘KPMG Games’ to avoid brand name conflicts, especially with “Olympics” being a part of the name.

The Objective

The purpose of the Games is to promote health and fitness, work-life balance, and most of all – team work. This led to the first theme of the event tagged: “Achieving Teamwork Through Sports.” It is also an avenue of maintaining sustained relationships with the KPMG Alumni and keeping them involved with the firm’s activities.

The Games

The sports activities played in the history of KPMG Games are Football, Volleyball, Badminton, Sack Race, Egg Race, Table Tennis and more. Over the turn of events, some gaming activities were discontinued or replaced with other games due to practical reasons of not being sustainable. This year (2019), new sporting activities such as Lawn Tennis, Team Walk, Tug of War, just to mention a few, have been introduced. More to this story, the KPMG Pre-Games have  been introduced to build a momentum and inspire teams to warm up for the main event (see the 2018 pre-games video below).

The Venue

The Games have been played at various venues in history. This year (2019), the venue for the Games will be at the Upbeat Recreation Centre, Lekki Peninsula Scheme 1, Lagos.


The Teams

In 2011, the Games were made up of Teams that were from different divisions, basically Audit, Tax, Advisory, and Central Services. This is the reason why the games was initially called the “KPMG Interdivisional Competition.” As time went by, the victorious dominance of the Audit division led to the need in 2018 to further categorise the divisions into the firm’s lines of business tagged with the names of the founding fathers that make up KPMG in the following manner:

Klynveld   –  Consumer and Industrial Markets (CIM)

Peat           –  Energy and Natural Resources (ENR)

Marwick   –  Financial Services Industry (FSI)

Goerdeler – Technology, Media and Telecommunications (TMT); Infrastructure, Government and Healthcare (IGH); Private Equity (PE); and Enterprise.

The letters (KPMG) were also adopted for ease of classification/identity. This way, the firm can practically achieve its latest theme: “Achieving Collaboration Through Sports.”


The Gaming Season

The KPMG Games usually occurs around March/April annually; but more recently, it takes place during the rainy season (May/June) just before the KPMG Town Hall event which is deemed to be the biggest KPMG event in Nigeria every year. Due to the distinctive prestige accorded to the Town Hall, the KPMG Games’ awardees received their trophies at the event. Nowadays, champions receive their awards just after the games conclude.

The Games Scoreboard


The Diversity and Inclusion

All levels of personnel are involved in the games; Interns, Temporary staff, Analysts/Officers… Partners. The games allow for a balanced agenda of male and female involvement in all the sports activities. Participants are involved in cheerleading which is an exciting activity that plays a major role in igniting the passion of collaboration within Teams. Recently, a gaming activity called the “Partners Penalty Shoot Out” was introduced to keep the KPMG Senior Partners actively involved in the games. However, Partners are also involved in other games of choice.

External Involvement

External parties such KPMG Alumni, family and friends of personnel have been involved in the Games one way or another.

2018 Pre-Games


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