Addressing the rise of non-communicable diseases in Africa

KPMG and PharmAccess to speak at Africa Works! 2014 conference in Leiden

After decades of slow growth Africa is now seen as the ‘hopeful continent’, following in the footsteps of Asia. Starting as a region blighted by corruption, piracy, poverty and disease, it is now also home to millions of highly motivated entrepreneurs and a growing middle class. As a result the ability to (pre)pay for quality healthcare has increased, resulting in a positive investment climate for the private healthcare sector.

However, investing in Africa is perceived as high risk, and comes with concerns about corruption, political stability and sustainability. Low trust in the capacity of local institutions to regulate the health sector and investment climate result in high transaction costs for those that are willing to take the risk.

The Investment Balancing Act

So how can public and private organisations increase trust and decrease risks to stimulate investments in Africa? By addressing this question in our workshop, we will be targeting not only participants that are already active in the healthcare market in Africa, but also participants from other sectors who are interested in seeing Africa grow.

One of the factors perpetuating the chronic under-investment is the scarcity of reliable data about scale, scope and quality of healthcare services. This contributes to unknown and/or unbearable risks for investors, especially when it concerns private capital.

We at KPMG and our partners at PharmAccess have combined forces in an innovative approach that facilitates investment capital for the private healthcare sector. By combining a critical evaluation and benchmarking system that assesses the quality and safety of the care provided, with rigorous business planning and a full health market scan, risk is reduced and trust is increased. Using this approach we have successfully collaborated on several healthcare projects in Nigeria, Kenya and Zambia.

Workshop speakers

In our workshop this Thursday, 16 October, you can expect to be engaged in interesting discussions, peppered with practical examples and experiences. We hope to inspire participants to adopt similar innovative approaches to investing in Africa. Our panellists have all had extensive experience in Africa. They are:

  • Monique Dolfing-Vogelenzang – Managing Director Medical Credit Fund
  • Nicole Spieker – Director Quality PharmAccess
  • Elbert Waller – Partner at KPMG Netherlands, Head of High Growth and Emerging Markets
  • Jelco van der Avoort – Senior Manager Healthcare Advisory team, KPMG South Africa

Our healthcare credentials

KPMG has been present on the African continent since 1895 and over the past years we have started scaling up our activities. With the backing of KPMG International, who has identified the healthcare and life sciences markets as one of the biggest growth opportunities, we are actively striving to secure business from the growing economies present on the African continent.

We currently have established healthcare advisory practices in South Africa, Kenya and Nigeria, which also service the smaller markets in Zambia, Zimbabwe, Mozambique Rwanda, Tanzania, Angola and Ghana.

PharmAccess’s credentials

The PharmAccess Group is dedicated to growing affordable access to quality healthcare in Africa, which it does by stimulating investments through partnerships with the private sector and government institutions. This group of non-profit organisations has a shared goal, working towards achieving inclusive healthcare for Africa. In doing so, it contributes to healthier populations and social and economic development.

PharmAccess Group’s integrated approach consists of complementary initiatives that aim to increase investments and resources, as well as efficiency and effectiveness within the healthcare system. By combining standards for quality improvement, loans for healthcare providers, health plans and in-depth impact research it simultaneously stimulates the demand for and supply of healthcare services.

David Okwara

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