Africa's Youth

Investing in Africa’s Youth

Yesterday, 14th of October, the 2015 ENACTUS World Cup Opening ceremony was held; the first of its kind on the continent of Africa, the competition will see teams from 36 countries compete with their life-changing and entrepreneurial projects, the winner team will be crowned the 2015 ENACTUS World Champion. With the caliber and ripple effects of these projects, there is no doubt  that the world stand to gain quite a lot if we don’t allow these projects to simply fade off after the competition. This year’s competition has 10 African countries represented; this is an indication that the youths of Africa are striving to make a difference, embarking on projects to celebrate our differences and make a positive impact on the continent despite the level of poverty that seems to cloud judgment of most, even the leadership.

Talking about leadership in Africa, investment in the youths should be a paramount objective of any African government; the continent is booming and growing at an alarming rate, yes, many say this is good for the continent but we must realise that an illiterate population is bound to fail and slow down whatever growth the continent is trying to achieve.  We must educate our youths, then they will carry on building upon the good legacy.

David Okwara

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