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Globalization is creating many new business opportunities in High Growth Market regions, however executives often struggle with overcoming the myriad challenges and barriers these markets present. Africa is resourceful, business in Africa, either home grown or FDI, needs to invest in finding solutions to these challenges. That’s what business does best – find solutions to some of the world’s most pressing challenges. Besides the war on corruption and infrastructural deficit, what other significant lessons can stakeholders in Africa’s industrial sector learn from other developed High Growth Markets?

Today 26th of June by 14:00 CAT, Mark Barnes, Partner, KPMG High Growth Markets will be facilitating a Q&A session on KPMG Africa’s Lunch with Our Leaders platform on LinkedIn with the theme “Industrial Manufacturing: Africa versus other High Growth Markets.”


Mark Barnes leads KPMG’s High Growth & Emerging Markets practice. In this role he is responsible for KPMG’s focus on a number of strategic markets defined as Growth, Emerging and Pre Emerging. He has many years of experience working across a diverse range of sectors with companies investing to and from markets such as China, India, Brazil, Russia, Korea and others. Prior to his current role Mark moved to the US from KPMG London to work in the Automotive and Industrial markets sectors with clients looking to expand and set up internationally.

Professional and Industry Experience

During Mark’s tenure the High Growth Markets practice has grown significantly to provide a broad range of practical services helping business to achieve their growth ambitions across the investment life cycle, from initial strategy and market entry to expansion or consolidation. Globalization is creating many new business opportunities in these markets, however executives often struggle with overcoming the myriad challenges and barriers these markets present. The HGM practice is made up of dedicated teams working across global corridors in areas which include market entry or expansion strategy, buying and selling businesses, risk frameworks, protecting intellectual property, Tax and regulatory to name just a few.

Mark is a frequent public speaker and regularly hosts webcasts on topics such as cross border investment; updates on business and regulatory climate in growth markets, risk and regulatory frame work models; managing people across cultures.

By 14:00 CAT, simply join the group on LinkedIn, ask your question or make a comment and In case you can’t join us for that hour, simply send it in an email to and we’ll help ensure the question/comment is posted on your behalf. Also, you can connect with us and post your comments or questions on our Twitter handle @KPMGAfrica.


About Femi Oke

Relentless passion for creativity and digital acumen to help a professional services firm thrive in the digital space. Femi is an individual with a rich experience on regional African knowledge, its diverse business culture and he understands the continent’s economic drive. He thrives on selfless service and lasting mutually beneficial relationships with colleagues and especially clients encountered in the course of his duties. He is creative, practical and self-motivated with business judgement in corporate, brand and strategic communications, social, digital & traditional media and executive profiling. Roles in the firm include New Media, Digital Communication, Corporate Communication, executive profiling and Brand Management execution. Working on the multi-million dollar Africa high growth market project stands out for femi; besides this, managing all KPMG’s digital communication for the World Economic Forum on Africa is another project that gives him great delight. Femi holds a Masters Degree in Global Marketing from the University of Liverpool.

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