Funding Infrastructure Development in Africa: The story so far

Infrastructure development is the greatest challenge for Africa in the 21st century. Africa is set to spend at least US$1 trillion on all areas of infrastructure, such as transport systems, hospitals, water and waste management, etc, over the next 20 years. The continent needs to make sure that it attains and develops infrastructure in a cost effective, appropriate and affordable manner. Getting value for money is paramount.

Governments around the world are looking to private funding to contribute to economic and social infrastructure development, ranging from rebuilding ageing infrastructure to building it from scratch. As Transport Month kicks off in October, we’re also experiencing the world’s second Eco-mobility festival in Sandton, Johannesburg highlighting the need for improved transport infrastructure. Joining CNBC Africa for a closer look at the opportunities that lie within this space are Dr Dinesh Kumar, Head of Supply Chain and Procurement Practices at KPMG South Africa and Dr John Tambi, NEPAD Transport Infrastructure Expert.

David Okwara

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