Lunch with our Leader

5 September, 2013, 14h00

About Lunch with our Leader

leader (1)KPMG Africa is excited to launch ‘KPMG Africa Lunch with our Leaders’; a digital media platform that aims to create meaningful engagements with key decision makers who have an interest in Africa.

KPMG Africa Lunch with our Leaders is an open group on LinkedIn,where you can join the conversations that will take place on a weekly basis. For 1 hour every week, you will get the opportunity to engage a KPMG leader in discussions of interest and ask questions on the group. The topics of discussion will change weekly, based on the leaders’ expertise, interests and emerging topical issues in the market.

Our pilot KPMG Africa Lunch with our Leaders forum took place on 8 August 2013, where Adebisi ‘Bisi’ Lamikanra, Partner at KPMG in Nigeria, led the conversations. Bisi engaged in various topics, including being a woman in leadership, the banking sector, infrastructure, Africa’s growth, etc.

Join us for the next lunch date to discuss the topics most relevant to you!

Malawi Country Focus Seminar

Friday, 6 September 2013malawi-conference

The Auditorium, KPMG Wanooka Place, Parktown, Johannesburg

The Malawi Country Focus Seminar is proudly brought to you by KPMG in collaboration with Africa Exchange and in association with the Trade Fairs Department of the SA German Chamber of Commerce.

Malawi is one of the most economically successful and politically stable countries in Africa

With promising economic prospects and major opportunities in the telecommunications, agricultural, tourism, finance and manufacturing sectors, Malawi is an investment destination of note.

Join us in conversation with key guests from senior leadership positions in Africa to discuss Malawi’s present, pending and future projects, as well as the cost of doing business in Malawi, government reform, the financial sector and tax incentives.

Be sure to attend the event if you are interested in:

  • Mining
  • Agriculture
  • Tourism
  • Finance
  • Retail/Consumer markets
  • Infrastructure
  • Investing in Malawi
  • Having a footprint in Africa or have an existing footprint
  • Networking

Global Construction Survey 2013

global-construction-survey (2)19 September, 2013

The Venue, Green Park

We will soon be sending out the ‘save-the-date’ and ‘e-invite’ for the upcoming launch of the KPMG Global Construction Survey 2013. The planned launch will take place on the 19th September at The Venue, Green Park.

Zambia: A new frontier in Mining, Energy and Water Developments

A business symposium on investment opportunities

Johannesburg, South Africa

Thursday, 25 July 2013

Blog-event-zambiaProudly sponsored by KPMG, the South Africa – Zambia Chamber of Commerce and Industry (SAZACCI) is working in collaboration with Africa Exchange to bring you this business symposium on Zambia. Join leaders of these industries to engage in conversation on Zambia’s economic landscape and investment opportunities, with a specific interest in the country’s mining, energy and water development sectors.

Welcoming remarks will be by the Zambia High Commissioner to the Republic of South Africa. Mining, Energy, Electricity and Public Private Partnership (PPP) projects, among other conversations, will be presented on the day. They will be presented by sector specialists and the various Zambian Department members.

Speakers at the event will be:

  • Evance Chanda, Executive Director, SAZACCI
  • Vic van Vuuren, Director of the International Labour Organisation
  • Jason Kazilimani, Senior Partner, KPMG Zambia and Michael Phiri, Tax Partner KPMG Zambia
  • Geoffrey Musonda, Chief Executive Officer, Rural Electrification Authority (REA)
  • Michael Tarney, Managing Director, Copperbelt Energy Corporation
  • Morne Rossouw, Business Development Manager, FNB Global Commercial Banking
  • Dr Victor Mutembo, Ministry of Mine, Energy and Water Development
  • Adrian Buddingh, Managing Director, Pneumax speaking about their “Experience of doing business in Zambia.”

KPMG Healthcare Conference 2013

“Something to teach, something to learn”

Johannesburg, South Africa

15 – 17 July 2013

Blog-event-healthcarepngGovernments, hospitals and medical service providers across Africa are grappling with the challenge of providing low cost, efficient and effective healthcare to the continent’s increasing urbanised population.

At the KPMG Healthcare Conference 2013, 60 of the top global leaders from the healthcare industry will convene to discuss how healthcare business models can deliver high quality care at low cost.

KPMG has undertaken research at an international level with a keen focus into innovative practices of low cost models of healthcare.

The conference will incorporate high-profile speakers who will be presenting a series of dynamic working sessions, coupled with the sharing of knowledge applicable to low cost models of healthcare that has been successfully implemented across the world– this has given rise to the theme of the conference. ‘Something to teach, something to learn, Delivering safe and effective care at low cost’.

Topics that will be covered during the conference include:

• Payer Strategies

• Role of workforce

• Role of infrastructure, building and technology

• Something to teach, something to learn – lessons from India, China and others.

The result of the working sessions will be prepared into a congruent piece of thought leadership on the delivery of low cost, high quality care to push forward the conversation on a global scale.

Global Mining Conference, Mozambique

16 July 2013 – 17 July 2013

Polana Serena Hotel, Maputo, Mozambique

Blog-event-icon-GMC (1)Africa’s economies have been expanding robustly as new discoveries of iron ore, coal, oil and gas look set to create substantial business opportunities and transform the continent’s economies. The continent not only is a major producer of manganese, diamonds, nickel and uranium, but has also 40% of the world’s gold, 60% of cobalt and 90% of its platinum reserves. However, Africa’s growth results from more than a resource boom, having been supported (amongst other factors) by external trends such as its’ increased access to international capital and ability to forge economic partnerships with foreign investors. Long-term growth prospects are strong, as external trends will bring internal changes in the continent’s economies and societies.

This year’s host country of the Global Mining Conference, Mozambique, lies in the South-East of the continent and has been described as being the sixth-fastest growing economy in Sub-Saharan Africa in 2012. The country’s real GDP growth accelerated slightly to 7.4% in 2012 from 7.3% in 2011, with a fairly balanced contribution to GDP across economic sectors. Coal and natural gas reserves are part of the country’s greatest resources as mining output soared by 41% in 2013. The remote Tete province boasts possibly the last big complex coking mine in the world and local analysts estimate that while gas could bring the country a revenue of US$200bn to US$400bn over 40 years.

Please join us in a 2 day conference with key guests from senior leadership positions in KPMG, to discuss the outlook of Global Mining in Africa and Globally, and how KPMG can take advantage of this opportunity.

Click here for more on Mining

Annual long-term insurance industry update

6 June 2013

KPMG Crescent Auditorium
, 85 Empire Road
, Parktown, Johannesburg

KPMG is hosting its annual long-term insurance industry update event on Thursday 6 June 2013. The update involves, taking a look at the most topical regulatory, financial accounting and other developments currently affecting the long-term insurance industry.

The course is aimed at financial directors and managers, risk and compliance officers, internal auditors and audit committee members.

The key topics for the event are as follows:

  • Overview of the financial results of the long-term insurance industry
  • Solvency Assessment and Management (‘SAM’) developments
  • Current tax developments
  • Regulatory update
  • Fraud
  • Ethics awareness in your organisation
  • IFRS 4 phase II
  • What risks are keeping the CRO’s of life insurers up at night?
  • Companies Act, 2008 reminders

Click here for more information.

Mauritius Country Focus Seminar

3 June 2013 08:00 – 14:00

The Auditorium, KPMG Wanooka Place, Parktown, Johannesburg

Proudly brought to you by KPMG in collaboration with Africa Exchange and in association with the Trade Fairs Department of the SA German Chamber of Commerce.

Mauritius is one of the most economically successful and politically stable countries in Africa.

For the fourth consecutive year, the World Bank’s 2012 Doing Business report ranks Mauritius first among African economies (19th worldwide, out of 183 economies) in terms of overall ease of doing business.

Join us in conversation with key guests from senior leadership positions in Africa, to discuss Mauritius’ present, pending and future projects, as well as the cost of doing business in Mauritius, government reform, the financial sector and tax incentives.

Megacities Africa Conference and Expo

29 – 30 May 2013Megacities Africa

It is estimated that by 2050, 7 out of 10 people will live in mega cities. There are a number of challenges presented by urban living and by urbanization. Infrastructure and public works are considered the most significant of the challenges. There are concerns around issues such as clean water access, sanitation, reliable electricity, sufficient public transport and healthcare.

Each megacity presents a unique case, with its own challenges and local context requiring consideration. The focus of this conference and expo is on challenges, insights and opportunities.

David O’brien and DeBuys Scott of KPMG, will be speaking at the event.

The invited cities are as follows:

  • Maputo – Mozambique
  • Cape Town – South Africa
  • Johannesburg – South Africa
  • Nairobi – Kenya
  • Accra – Ghana
  • Dar es Salaam – Tanzania
  • Lagos – Nigeria
  • Lusaka – Zambia

For more information on participating in this event, visit the Megacities Africa website.

Africa Conversation Series Episode 9

23 May 2013Africa Conversation Series14:00 – 15:00

The Auditorium, KPMG Wanooka Place, Parktown, Johannesburg

Africa’s megacities bring major prospects

By 2030 Africa will have 760 million urban residents. By 2050 the figure is expected to grow to 1.2 billion. This rapid migration has intensified the need to develop Africa’s megacities, and infrastructure has become one of the key strategic priorities amongst senior leaders throughout Africa.

Join KPMG and our panel of experts for the first Africa Conversations Series event for 2013, broadcast live on CNBC Africa. Our discussion, titled Prioritising Africa’s Megacities, will focus on the challenges surrounding development of Africa’s next major megacities, the importance of addressing these challenges and how to prioritise development to ensure maximum benefits for business and Africa’s growing urban population.

World Economic Forum on Africa 2013

World Economic Forum 20138 – 10 May 2013
Cape Town

Delivering on Africa’s Promise

With an expected annual growth of 5% in 2012-2013, Sub-Saharan Africa continues its transformative journey from a developing continent to a hub of global growth. According to the World Bank, almost half of Africa’s countries have attained middle-income status. At the same time, the continent’s positive outlook is threatened by fluctuating commodity prices, rising inequality and youth unemployment.

To build on its achievements, Africa’s leaders need to strengthen the continent’s competitiveness, foster inclusive growth and build resilience in a volatile global environment. Accelerating economic diversification, boosting strategic infrastructure and unlocking talent are critical success factors in this new leadership context.

Under the theme “Delivering on Africa’s Promise”, the 23rd World Economic Forum on Africa will provide an important platform for regional and global leaders from business, government and civil society to deepen the continent’s integration agenda and renew commitment to a sustainable path of growth and development by addressing the following themes:

  • Accelerating Economic Diversification
  • Boosting Strategic Infrastructure
  • Unlocking Africa’s Talent.

Click here for WEF 2013 updates.

The AVCA 10th Annual Conference

AVCA Conference 20138 – 10 April 2013
The Westin Cape Town Hotel

The AVCA Annual Conference is the association’s flagship event, which provides the private equity and venture capital industry in Africa with an important platform to discuss the most pertinent opportunities and issues of the year.

As a sponsor, KPMG has a clear commitment to serving our clients across Africa, supported by long-term investments, a clear pan-African strategy and business, with strong governance, and a robust African footprint. We have an in-depth sectoral knowledge of the continent, allowing us to help clients successfully navigate their migration and growth in Africa. KPMG recognises the increasing economic importance of Africa to our clients and as such, Africa is an integral part of KPMG’s High Growth Markets Program. This places Africa on the same platform as China, India and Russia and has resulted in KPMG International, together with KPMG Practices in Africa, committing to a US $100m Africa Investment Program over the next 5 years.

Click here for KPMG Private Equity updates.

Fifth BRICS Summit 2013

BRICS Summit 201326 – 27 March 2013
Durban, South Africa

BRICS and AFRICA: Partnership for Development, Integration and Industrialisation

The Fifth BRICS Summit was hosted on 26 and 27 March 2013 in Durban under the theme: “BRICS and Africa: Partnership for Development, Integration and Industrialisation.” This Summit completed the first cycle of BRICS Summits and was the first time that the Summit was hosted on the African continent.

Click here for KPMG BRICS updates.

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