Rail sector in Africa

Developing the Rail Sector in Africa, how ready are we?

From success stories around the world and other developing Nations, the rail sector or rail transportation is said to be affordable, reliable and probably the most efficient mode of transporting goods and people, with significant contributions to the GDP of such nations.

This episode of Invest Africa sheds more light on the major role projects various African countries have embarked upon to emulate these success stories and the impact these projects will have on the development of Africa’s economy.

David Okwara

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One Response to Developing the Rail Sector in Africa, how ready are we?

  1. Shravan Sapre August 14, 2015 at 11:20 am #

    Rail network is very important for African nations. Very few countries in Africa has rail net work. Except South Africa, i believe no other country running rail net work. You can see rail lines and stations in Nigeria, Kenya, Tanzania, Angola but it is practically an infrastructure without use. Hardly one or two trains run in a day and travelling in these trains are nightmare.

    I think China has made investment in Nigeria for rail up gradation. It is also building rail link between Uganda to Kenya and connect it up to mombasa port. Work has just started and it may take 5-7 years before it is fully operational.

    To start with railways can really helpful for people transport from majore town to interior places or other cities. Like connecting Lagos to Abuja or Nairobi to Mombasa.

    Africa is big exporter of Metals, minerals and agriculture produce. If rail network is further connected to mines and factories, transporting these things will be very smooth. It will be big boost to economy.

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