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KPMG Global Africa Practice launches App to streamline business in Africa

The KPMG Global Africa Practice has launched a new Africa Business App – a first […]

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Raw materials could unlock Zambian development

Mining Indaba: Valuing Social Investment in Mining

Mining companies are very aware of the significant impact of their operations upon local communities […]

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The primacy of manufacturing in unlocking Africa's potential

Mozambique’s 3 transport corridors hold vast potential

After being neglected for years, Mozambique’s transportation infrastructure has drastically improved in recent years due to the growing economic opportunities in the region. Once considered one of the most dilapidated transportation systems in the world, it is now being revitalised through both public and private funding. Extensive development is underway in ports, rail systems, and roads. The Mozambican Government is currently developing three corridors that provide export outlets for Mozambique’s neighbours.

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Africa's Youth

Partner with our Africa Expansion Team to ensure expansion success

The Africa Expansion team is headed by Anthony Thunstrom. Anthony joined KPMG in 1993 and has remained at KPMG his entire working career. He currently heads the region’s audit practice. His industry experience includes banking; chemicals and plastics; retail services; transport; logistics; aluminium smelting; textiles; and the automotive industry. Anthony also serves on the Board and the Audit Committee of KPMG.

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Auditing landscape, client base, and potential in Zambia

The Business Year (TBY) talks to Jason Kazilimani, Jr., Senior Partner & CEO at KPMG […]

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Education in Africa

Literacy and Sustainable Development

Literacy is one of the key elements needed to promote sustainable development, as it empowers people so that they can make the right decisions in the areas of economic growth, social development and environmental integration.

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Raw materials could unlock Zambian development

Africa Brief: NewPlat lists in Botswana and more…

Funds Barclays Africa yesterday listed NewPlat, the world’s largest platinum exchange-traded fund, on the Botswana Stock Exchange.

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Fast-Moving Consumer Goods in Africa

The FMCG sector in Africa has significant scope to expand. Poverty levels in especially sub-Saharan […]

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Key findings from the 2014 Africa CFO Survey

Tanzania a pioneer in mobile money

Three of Tanzania’s telecom giants – Tigo, Zantel and Airtel – have joined forces to provide customers with a pioneering mobile money service.

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East Africa’s island tourism opportunities

East Africa’s island tourism opportunities

In 2008, GDP fell more than 1 percent due to declining tourism opportunities and the initial effects of liberalisation, but the economy recovered in 2010-11 after the reforms took hold and tourism increased.

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Zambia has its eye on being a role player in Africa’s transformation

Jumpstarting Nigeria’s agricultural sector growth

Nigeria’s economic growth rate remains impressively high as it surpasses South Africa as the largest economy on the continent. However, sustaining that growth rate is a major challenge for the Nigerian government, which is increasingly faced with the consequences of long periods of uneven economic development.

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Private equity in Sub-Saharan Africa

Nigeria: The Giant of Africa

Africa’s most populous country and second-largest economy is desperately trying to shed the image of corruption that has so tainted its reputation in recent years. While unemployment and poverty remain a big challenge, such concerns muddy the picture of a nation with immense potential.

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South Africa, Morocco & Mauritius top PE countries in Africa

Sheel Gill on African investment activity and regulatory changes

In case you missed it, in the previous article, Lunch with our Leader talks to Sheel Gill, we looked at doing business in Africa vs. working in Europe, and the restrictions related to Rwanda and Nigeria. In this article, we look at investment activity and regulatory changes…

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Top of Cairo from tv tower, Panorama - Egypt

Transacting and investing in Egypt

Egypt is home to more that 82 million people, which is the third largest population in Africa and the largest in the Arab world. Recently, the Northeast African country has been plagued by political instability and waves of protestor violence, impacting a number of sectors, including business and tourism.

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Ethiopia’s continued strong economic growth

Ethiopia is one of the most promising regions in Africa for retail development over the next two decades, in our opinion. Ethiopia’s promise can be attributed to the combination of its large population size and good prospects for economic growth.

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