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KPMG in Nigeria Launches Tax Reimagined

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Playing Catchup with Data and Analytics – KPMG Nigeria

A new report from KPMG in Nigeria features in a global ACCA publication with Yomi […]

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The Future of HR 2019: In the Know or in the No

Today’s employers face a daunting array of historic challenges as they speed into a digital […]

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2019 Nigeria CEO Outlook Report

In a volatile and uncertain environment, CEOs are increasingly focused on building a new type […]

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KPMG in Nigeria Releases the 7th Edition of the Investment in Nigeria Publication

KPMG in Nigeria is pleased to announce the  7th edition of the Investment in Nigeria publication which […]

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KPMG in Nigeria Launches its 2019 Alumni Interactions Magazine

In honour of our esteemed founding managing partner and his jewel of inestimable value, Dick […]

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The Beginning The KPMG Games is an initiative of KPMG in Nigeria and it began […]

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African Family Business Barometer

The results of the second edition of the African family business barometer, conducted by KPMG […]

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Calculating numbers for income tax return with glasses pen and calculator

Transfer Pricing Awareness Survey

There have been significant developments in the international tax and transfer pricing space since the […]

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soccer image

Can the African lions meet expectations?

As in most parts of the world, football is the most popular sport across the […]

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Fundamentals of Base Pay Structure Design

Base pay is the foundation on which other elements of reward are built. It therefore […]

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South Sudan records Africa’s sixth hyperinflation episode

Newswire Bloomberg warned some 12 months ago that a dramatic devaluation of the South Sudanese […]

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Findings from 2015 KPMG Remuneration Surveys

In line with KPMG’s mission to inspire confidence and empower change, we are pleased to […]

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hands holding a tablet with isolated screen

Tapping customer data to drive growth: A South African Perspective

As banks across Africa start to roll out increasingly sophisticated digital channels and systems, many […]

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South Africa ranks 6th in Africa for quality of life

The KPMG Good Life Index, the first of its type for Africa, was recently released. […]

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Facebook and online shopping? But why not internet banking

Encouraging the shift to internet and mobile banking: A Nigerian perspective

Nigerians love the internet. The country is estimated to have more than 148 million mobile […]

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US-Africa Leaders Summit promises good things

Improving Employee Value Proposition during a Pay Freeze

When companies are faced with economic and financial challenges, the knee-jerk reaction is to deploy […]

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ClinicCommunicator to be taken beyond Uganda’s borders

Health Wearables, Apps & Information Protection

Wearable devices are not new, healthcare professionals have been using heart rate monitors and other […]

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Kigali, Rwanda, Host of the 2016 World Economic Forum on Africa

Every year, the World Economic Forum (WEF) on Africa changes location. Why was Kigali, Rwanda’s […]

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What Influences FDI into Africa?

Foreign Direct Investment (“FDI”) inflows to Africa – The Analysis A KPMG analysis of the […]

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Key findings from the 2014 Africa CFO Survey

The Tax Department and Role of Strategy

The starting point in managing and controlling a group’s tax should be to define its […]

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Internet of Things

Internet of Things: Security, Privacy and Trust are Key Issues

As the Internet of Things (IoT) rockets up the business agenda, technology firms are competing […]

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KPMG Nigeria Tax Risk Management Survey 2015

As a result of changing regulatory and fiscal landscape, “getting tax right” is significantly important […]

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Leveraging of Mobile Networks

Nigeria and India: Leveraging on the Economies

A prominent common theme that India and Nigeria share is the theme of demographics. Nigeria’s […]

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What Are the Ease of Doing Business in Zambia?

Lusaka is Zambia’s heartland and capital city. It’s the country’s chief administrative centre and major […]

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Education in Africa: How do we get it right? Pt II

What are the opportunities and challenges besetting higher education sector in Africa? Can the continent […]

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Celebrating African leadership in healthcare

Nigeria: Recent developments offer opportunities (Pt 1)

“The ambitions of newly elected president Buhari offer a good perspective for the ease of […]

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Consumer demand will drive the next wave of African PE investments

Though Africa has been described as the last frontier market for natural and mineral resources, […]

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Ideal Tax Operation

Economic Growth in Africa: The Past, Present and Future

Africa’s economic growth and performance has improved greatly since the turn of the century, leading […]

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Education in Africa

Education in Africa: How do we get it right?

It is no news that education in Africa faces several obstacles; there are scarcity of […]

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