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Africa’s One Billion+ Population will Mobilise Transformation of Telecoms Sector

And we expect that digital solutions will begin to have a notable impact on mobile […]

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Payment revolution on the horizon

Mobile coverage! Africa’s biggest service achievement

More Africans have access to a mobile phone network than to piped water, electricity or a health clinic, revealed last month’s Afrobarometer, which canvassed 34 African nations. The report showed that while cellphone coverage is almost universal at 93%, only 64% of Africans have access to an electricity grid (many of which are moreover unreliable), 62% have access to a health clinic, and 59% have access to piped water.

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What’s new in Africa’s telecoms industry?

What’s new in Africa’s telecoms industry?

Things move apace within Africa’s telecoms industry. The continent continues to improve its international connections through new cables, grow its smartphone base, reduce its calling and data costs, introduce new legislation and regulations, merge landline and cellular companies, introduce new mobile-based technologies and services, and more. Here are a few of the most recent development in African telecoms…

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Kenya’s Mobile Money Game Changer

Kenya’s Equity Bank is set to roll out its new mobile money services to customers, thanks to its new innovative slim line SIM technology.

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Key findings from the 2014 Africa CFO Survey

Tanzania a pioneer in mobile money

Three of Tanzania’s telecom giants – Tigo, Zantel and Airtel – have joined forces to provide customers with a pioneering mobile money service.

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What’s new in Africa’s telecoms industry?

Mobile Internet Use on the Rise in Africa

The newly released Ericsson Mobility Report has predicted that mobile internet use is set to increase 20 fold in the next five years – which is also predicted to be double the estimated growth rate of the rest of the world.

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Nigeria’s power sector charged for growth

With daily blackouts and crumbling power infrastructure that has until recently seen little or no investment in over three decades, Nigeria has been christened the Generator Republic. Most households and virtually all serious businesses have resorted to self – help, investing heavily in generators and other back-up power systems to meet their daily electricity needs.

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Telecoms – An African development opportunity

When it comes to telecommunications, Africa is a continent of great opportunity. With at least 500 million potential mobile subscribers, it presents a massive consumer market when compared with the slowdown in subscriber growth in the rest of the world. With only a 55% penetration mobile penetration rate across 22 African markets, due to factors such as cost, interest by foreign investors in this market continues to grow at a steady pace.

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Facing Africa’s future

At the end of two days of wide-ranging analysis of various issues facing Africa today, delegates of the World Economic Forum will gather for a final session aptly titled “Facing Africa’s Future”. In the course of chairing the discussion amongst a diverse panel of contributors, Chairman Eric Kacou (co-founder of Entrepreneurial Solutions Partners in the USA) will seek to crystallize the way forward for Africa – at least as far as it has been articulated at the Forum.

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Mobile technology

Leveraging mobile technology

Perhaps the world’s greatest success story in leveraging mobile technology to overcome these challenges can be found, close to home, in Kenya. According to the Communications Commission of Kenya, by June 2012 Kenya boasted more than 19.5 million subscribers in mobile money subscriptions, more than 66% of the total mobile subscriber base …

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The Future of LTE in Sub-Saharan Africa

Mobile banking series: An overview of why mobile banking remains important for financial inclusion in Africa

Mobile banking in Africa refers to the provision of banking services to customers through mobile devices. Mobile payments, meanwhile, refer to the transfer of funds or any other form of value through mobile devices in return for goods and services…

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