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The Factors involved in Setting Family Salaries in a Family Firm

Going beyond the data: achieving insights from data and analytics

Most businesses are not sitting idly by as the data revolution sweeps over. According to our survey more than half-56-percent of leadign multinational companies have changed their business strategies to meet the big challenge of data.

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Kigali climbing the ranks of Africa’s most liveable cities

E-commerce trends in Angola

E-commerce is fundamentally tied to the development and expansion of internet-based technologies. As such, e-commerce market size in a given country, is dictated by the depth of penetration and widespread access to the internet in that country. Unsurprisingly, e-commerce is substantially bigger in developed countries.

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The importance of SMEs in growing inclusive growth in Africa

Ghana’s diminishing digital divide

As stated in the country’s economic plan “Ghana Vision 2020”, Ghana plans to become a developed nation by the year 2020. After that it aims to achieve newly industrialised status by 2030. Key to these goals is Ghana improving its ICT infrastructure and penetration rate.

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Emerging Trends in the Nigerian Power Sector

A Guide to The Nigerian Power Sector

The Nigerian Power Sector Reform, which was set in motion in 2005 by the enactment of the Electric Power Sector Reform Act, has been regarded as Africa’s largest privatisation exercise to date.

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High Growth Markets magazine – Unleashing Africa’s potential

Harnessing banking technology in North Africa

The face of banking in North Africa is changing. Regulators across the continent are putting pressure on banks to reform, with the aim of better customer service. While the Arab Spring depressed growth in the region and the worldwide financial crisis hit hard, overall there appears to be sustained economic growth.

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Telecoms – An African development opportunity

When it comes to telecommunications, Africa is a continent of great opportunity. With at least 500 million potential mobile subscribers, it presents a massive consumer market when compared with the slowdown in subscriber growth in the rest of the world. With only a 55% penetration mobile penetration rate across 22 African markets, due to factors such as cost, interest by foreign investors in this market continues to grow at a steady pace.

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The long- and short-term impact of Ebola on African healthcare

Technology to drive better resource management in Africa

Technology is playing an increasingly important role in natural resource management, from streamlining to reporting processes. One example can be found in Kenya’s Ngong’ hills, just outside the capital Nairobi. Here, the misty clouds provide dew that helps the grass to grow which in turn feeds the Maasai tribal community’s animals.

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Chip and PIN technology more secure, but not completely invulnerable

The hidden fortunes of data and analytics

As technology becomes more and more pervasive, we are seeing an increased integration of mobile devices, sensors, applications and other data feeds into everyday life. With this comes an upsurge in the amount of data being collected and stored. Today’s C-level executives are facing unprecedented business demands. These range from operating in more countries, dealing with new regulations and increasing government oversight, to complex tax policies, cost reduction, increasing risks and customer centricity. This complexity is further compounded by complex systems and data management.

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Facing Africa’s future

At the end of two days of wide-ranging analysis of various issues facing Africa today, delegates of the World Economic Forum will gather for a final session aptly titled “Facing Africa’s Future”. In the course of chairing the discussion amongst a diverse panel of contributors, Chairman Eric Kacou (co-founder of Entrepreneurial Solutions Partners in the USA) will seek to crystallize the way forward for Africa – at least as far as it has been articulated at the Forum.

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Privacy issues and cost concerns derail tech’s progress the most

Privacy issues and cost concerns derail tech’s progress the most

In the recent KPMG 2012 Technology Innovation Survey, we identified privacy issues and cost concerns as the top barriers to commercialising disruptive technology innovations. Specifically, transparency and privacy issues were named by 40% of respondents as the highest hurdles getting in the way of tech advances in the corporate world.

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Nigerian Stock Exchange Bearish at the End of April

Potential challenge to Silicon Valley’s position as tech innovation leader

In the recent KPMG 2012 Technology Innovation Survey, we discussed the potential challenge to Silicon Valley’s position as the centre of technological innovation. This got me thinking…do we have a contender for Africa’s Silicon Valley?

From the survey, 44% of respondents said that it’s likely that the world’s technology innovation centre will move from Silicon Valley to another country in the next four years. And some 29% of respondents globally predicted that the US and China had the highest potential to lead the charge in the next generation of tech innovation.

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Chip and PIN technology more secure, but not completely invulnerable

Mobile breaks the mould

In the recent KPMG 2012 Technology Innovation Survey, we found that mobile is a clear theme in technology innovation and comes a close second in its potential to shake up consumer and enterprise markets. Of the 668 technology executives who took part in the survey, 44% forecast mobile (broadly categorised to include communications, commerce, platforms, software, and applications) as the next indispensable consumer technology.

This rings true in Africa as well. With the plethora of mobile apps, solutions, and platforms that are being made available across the African continent, we are seeing new and innovative uses for mobile platforms to suit our specific needs and requirements.

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LWOL: Dinesh Kumar discusses the topic ‘What’s trending in Procurement?’

The Cloud storms in as top disruptive force according to KPMG 2012 Technology Innovation survey

When asked to predict future technology transformations over the next three years, more than half of the 668 global technology leaders who took part in the survey pointed to cloud computing (SaaS, IaaS, PaaS) as the biggest indispensable consumer technology …

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The business case for cloud computing

Cloud computing has generated significant hype in Africa. But with IT vendors pushing the technology case, few companies have taken the time to look at the value it can offer from a business perspective, says Frank Rizzo, partner in Advisory at KPMG. “With services such as Apple iCloud, Microsoft SkyDrive, and Google Drive popularising the commoditisation of cloud computing, we have reached the point where implementation has become a question for the CEO and not the CIO. Cloud computing is not driven solely by technical experts any more but by business leaders who are looking to leverage cloud computing from an overall business perspective,” says Rizzo.

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