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Sheel Gill is the Head of Transactions and Restructuring - East Africa. She has 19 years of financial and accounting experience, having qualified as a UK Chartered Accountant in 1996. She has been responsible for a range of audits, corporate finance and transaction projects to a diverse portfolio of clients. Sheel has worked in Kenya, UK and Germany across all sectors. She has experience of leading some of the largest acquisitions, vendor and refinancing due diligences and demergers.

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Ideal Tax Operation

Mergers and Acquisition: What are the key trends to watch for in the Kenyan market?

What are mergers and acquisitions (M&A) and what are the key trends that we should […]

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What are the funds changing the face of private equity in Africa?

Why due diligence is of utmost importance in a M&A transaction

In order to make a good investment decision, carrying out due diligence is critical for any potential investor.

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Attracting Private Equity and Venture Capital: Growth, Performance & Succession Policy

Growth, whether organic or inorganic (expansion by mergers and acquisitions), is often the most important driver of value. The main challenge management face in achieving ambitious targets is to assess the most optimal funding structure suitable for their company. There are several funding options available in our markets, these can be primarily categorized into debt and equity.

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What does it take to attract Private Equity and Venture Capital for growth?

Seven of the world’s ten fastest growing economies are in Africa, 52 African cities have populations of over 1 million people and by 2040 it is expected that 1.1 billion Africans will be of working age. Africa has 60% of the world’s uncultivated, arable land; 56.7% of the world’s diamond (gemstone) production, 66% of the worlds’ cocoa production, 10% of the world’s oil reserves, 80-90% of the world’s platinum group metal reserves and 40% of the world’s gold reserves.

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Mobile technology

Boom for EA mergers and acquisitions

After 17 years of handling Corporate Finance and Transactions in Germany and the UK, a return home is timely what with the immense growth prospects this region has to offer. In the short time I have been here, I have noticed the positive impact the vast improvements in infrastructure has had on businesses — exponential growth. Companies in Kenya have the ability to implement change rapidly. Growth brings with it many challenges; first, management has to find innovative ways to increase shareholder value as competition gets fierce.

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