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Prashant is currently a Manager within KPMG’s Quantitative and Economic Advisory division. In Johannesburg, South Africa. He has over 4 years of experience with KPMG conducting socio-economic impact assessments, cost-benefit analyses, financial modelling, economic and operational modelling, commercial due diligence reviews as well as market research for major capital infrastructure projects. Prashant has a strong quantitative background and thrives with projects involving financial, economic or operational modelling. His areas of expertise and focus lie within the transport (primarily aviation and rail), healthcare, and infrastructure sectors however; he has been involved with projects in the public sector as well as the agricultural, financial services, fast moving consumer goods and petroleum industries, to name a few. His passion though lies within the field of aviation and developing solutions for clients in the local and global aviation market. He is currently in the process of compiling a KPMG Thought Leadership publication on airline competition in the South African market .

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Trading without borders: The key to unlocking Africa’s economic potential?

Ongoing uncertainty in the global economy has drawn more attention to economies on the African continent and their potential to provide higher returns for investors. These economies have been more resilient to change and have consistently outstripped the growth of more developed economies, but despite this, Africa hasn’t fully reaped the benefits of renewed global investor confidence in the region.

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