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Bode has over 11 years advisory experience with KPMG. She is currently a Senior Manager in the Management Consulting Practice of KPMG Professional services, Nigeria. She has extensive experience in customer and growth services, development of business strategy and models for financial institutions and organisations, as well as proposing various ways to improve institutions organisation structure, efficiency and/or profits. She also acts as project manager for KPMG’s annual banking industry customer satisfaction survey (BICSS) which is now in its eighth year. She also led the inaugural edition of KPMG’s Africa-wide BICSS which surveyed over 25,000 customers in 14 countries across Africa.

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Facebook and online shopping? But why not internet banking

Facebook and online shopping? But why not internet banking

With so many Nigerians happily surfing the net, why have local banks not converted more of these sophisticated web users into internet banking customers?

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