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Analytical Skills for HR and Reward Practitioners

The HR profession has evolved from being perceived as a mere support function to a key partner, facilitating the achievement of strategic business objectives. Senior policy makers continue to ask HR professionals to prove the value of HR programmes to the company’s bottom line. Unfortunately, HR seems to be lagging behind in its ability to demonstrate value-add to the business, when compared to other functions that periodically provide insightful and quantitative information to support effective decision making. The missing link is HR’s inability to speak the language of business, to speak using numbers, to use HR metrics to make an argument.

Given the increasing emphasis on cost optimization and efficiency, HR and Reward professionals need to demonstrate that rewards and other HR programmes are aligned with business objectives and that the expected gains outweigh the related cost. As staff cost is typically a huge expense item in the company’s books, management and other stakeholders want HR to justify programmes before committing resources.

For HR and Reward proposals to succeed with management, HR practitioners need to speak the language of business and demonstrate how the proposed programmes will impact business results.

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David Okwara


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