Africa – an emerging destination for SWF and PE investment

Africa is a large and diverse continent which offers a lot of opportunity and avenues for FDI. With mineral wealth, strong demographics, increasing middle/consumer class and improving political and regulatory environments, we expect Africa to continue to attract the interest of international investors.

However, with opportunity comes challenges and Africa is no exception to this. It is clear that there is no substitute for having expertise on the ground. Those looking to invest into the continent must be prepared to invest into their own teams and expertise. Relationships are particularly important and, therefore, an investor needs to demonstrate a commitment to creating and growing relationships which can take time (and investment holding periods may be longer as a result).

The article, “Africa: An Emerging destination for SWF and PE Investment”  gives further insight into Africa’s FDI inflows with particular reference to Sovereign Wealth Fund (SWF) and Private Equity (PE). Please feel free to download and share.

Tonight by 20:30 CAT on DSTV channel 410, Dapo Okubadejo, Head of Corporate Finance and Financial Advisory Services (T&R) in Nigeria and West Africa, lead, Africa M&A, PE and Transaction Advisory for the Africa region, will be speaking on PE as a source of funding and driver of economic growth in Africa.

David Okwara

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