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2019 Nigeria CEO Outlook Report

In a volatile and uncertain environment, CEOs are increasingly focused on building a new type […]

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2019 CFO Outlook Report – KPMG in Nigeria

Over the last twelve months, the Nigerian economy has experienced some relative stability with a […]

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KPMG in Nigeria launches its Insights Centre

The KPMG in Nigeria Insights Center, a next-generation collaborative environment that allows our clients to […]

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Living up to customer expectations: a view from Banks CEOs

Today’s banking customers expect more than just good rates and secure services. They also expect […]

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optimising-contact-centres-to-enrich-customer-experience (1)

Optimising contact centres to enrich customer experience

Customer satisfaction is always a priority for any business that wants to be successful. Exceptional […]

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The Changing Role of the Chief Financial Officer

Globally, the role of the Chief Financial Officer (CFO), sometimes referred to as the Finance […]

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Compliance – Often an overlooked risk

“At his best, man is the noblest of all animals; separated from law and justice […]

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The link between tax morality and tax compliance

Namibia, like most developing countries, is faced with the challenge of having a small tax […]

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leveraging-on-csr-to-build-a-trusted-brand (002)

Leveraging on corporate social responsibility to build a trusted brand

Companies today are spending millions of dollars on Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) initiatives to not […]

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Eyeglasses and books on the laptop

Technology set to drive job creation, innovation and skills into Africa

With a focus on encouraging intra-Africa business and the need to fast-track growth and development, […]

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soccer image

Can the African lions meet expectations?

As in most parts of the world, football is the most popular sport across the […]

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Fundamentals of Base Pay Structure Design

Base pay is the foundation on which other elements of reward are built. It therefore […]

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South Sudan records Africa’s sixth hyperinflation episode

Newswire Bloomberg warned some 12 months ago that a dramatic devaluation of the South Sudanese […]

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Cyber security

2017 will bring a year of creative cyber criminality and determined government responses

David Ferbrache, technical director in KPMG’s cyber security practice, suggests that privacy will dominate the […]

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Universal healthcare: Something to teach, something to learn

Many of us fear getting sick –the pain, the isolation, the uncertainty, the disability, the […]

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Transfer Pricing

KPMG Nigeria’s Tax and People Services Business Brochure

KPMG Tax & People Services Business School offers a variety of training programmes aimed at […]

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Africa Good Life Index: Why understanding more than GDP is important

Gross domestic product (GDP) and gross national product (GNP) are widely used to indicate the […]

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Finding highlights in Sub-Saharan Africa’s growth slump

The World Bank published its latest ‘Africa Pulse’ report on September 29. In it the […]

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Travel with passport and map

Managing Expatriate and Immigration Issues

The passage of Nigeria’s Immigration Act 2015 by the Federal Government and subsequent policy changes […]

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African-American businesswoman standing with arms crossed while others walk by.

How do you know your employee incentive scheme is working?

So your organisation is one of those with an incentive scheme, which is designed to […]

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Human Resources / Reward Practices Survey 2015/2016

The prevailing economic headwinds present Human Resources (HR) professionals with an enormous challenge of helping […]

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African-American businesswoman standing with arms crossed while others walk by.

The Accounting Toolkit for the Strategic Human Resource Manager

As the Human Resource (HR) practitioner moves away from playing a “medicine-after-death” role and metamorphoses […]

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Celebrating African leadership in healthcare

Universal Healthcare: One Place, many paths

Many of us fear getting sick – the pain, the isolation, the uncertainty, the disability, […]

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US-Africa Leaders Summit promises good things

Improving Employee Value Proposition during a Pay Freeze

When companies are faced with economic and financial challenges, the knee-jerk reaction is to deploy […]

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Ideal Tax Operation

Ghana will not overspend this year – CFO Survey Report

Ghana’s successive governments always over-spend the country’s budget during election years, but a Deputy Minister […]

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The Next Generation Customer: Kenya Insurance Survey Report

Insurance is a unique product. It is bought based on a promise and as it […]

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ClinicCommunicator to be taken beyond Uganda’s borders

Health Wearables, Apps & Information Protection

Wearable devices are not new, healthcare professionals have been using heart rate monitors and other […]

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Nigeria Business Outlook: The Road Ahead

Business World: It is estimated that there will be a gradual pickup in global business […]

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Can the Tourism Sector Catch a Tax Break?

The creation of a stand- alone Tourism Ministry and the appointment of a new Cabinet Secretary […]

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Harnessing Entrepreneurship

With Africa’s population set to soar over the next ten years, it is vital that […]

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