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Resource corridors, infrastructure development and private investment

Based on the principles of the Spatial Development Initiative (SDI) conceived by the South African government in 1995, resource corridors in Africa are areas in which opportunities (mainly resource-based anchor projects and associated infrastructure) have been identified that can be realised through investments to achieve sustainable development, particularly development brought in other sectors through access to the resource infrastructure.

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Lunch with our Leader 5 September, 2013, 14h00 About Lunch with our Leader KPMG Africa is […]

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Hervé Richard

  Partner, Head of Lyon office. In charge of Transaction for the Maghreb Region Education and […]

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African Potential: 
unleashed or unfulfilled?

Kenya’s good economic growth prospects

Kenya is considered the Gateway to East Africa, and has been included on our Consumer Story list of Africa’s most promising countries for retail development. Key to its position on our list is the rapid population growth and good economic growth prospects.

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Morocco’s solar power story is just beginning

Development: a new trend

Over the last few decades, many development objectives have been pursued through multilateral and bilateral donors channelling aid to developing nations through governments, Non-Governmental Organisations (NGOs), United Nations agencies and initiatives such as the Global Fund.

The first decade of the 21st century’s main goal was poverty reduction, but Private Sector Development (PSD) has recently received much priority. The aim of PSD is to get the economic fundamentals right, such as fiscal, monetary and trade policies, privatisation and ‘cutting red tape’.

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